Pho Viet Restaurant

Updated: 7th August 2010: This restaurant has moved to 110-8291 Westminster Hwy, Richmond.

Pho Viet is another favourite Vietnamese Restaurant we go to. They serve pretty decent pho but what we really like is their curry chicken with vermicelli. This restaurant is located on Ackroyd in Richmond.


As in almost all Pho restaurants, we were first served with a plate of fresh beansprout with basil leaves and lemon wedges. The beansprout is very crunchy and “watery”. We actually prefer those that were blanched.


The boys will always order the pho with beef balls.


For me, I ordered the Pho with Beef Tendon for once.


I expected the tendon to be chunky but they were sliced. Still it was good.


Here is the curry chicken we like so much. It is really rich with coconut milk.


They really go very well with the cooked and softened vermicelli.


Total cost for this meal is $19, including tips and taxes.

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  1. sally

    Weird…the pho here is served with the same bean sprouts, basil but there’s lime instead of lemon. Try it with lime…

  2. zee

    i love bean sprouts..yummy when stir fried with noodles that suanne makes.

    i dont like vietnamese food …i prefer chinese/thai/malaysian food.

  3. Kirk

    Hi Ben – Just curious, how much was that bowl of Pho? I’m wondering because I grumble when a bowl of Pho goes over $6 here in San Diego…..

  4. Ben

    Hi Kirk, if I remembered correctly, the large bowl of pho is $6 and the curry chicken is $7.

  5. Mike

    hi you guys i’m the ownerof Pho viet in richmond and just wantted to let you guys know that the Ackroyd Rd location doesn’t exist anymore we have moved and expanded we have 2 locations now one at 110-8291 westminster hwy richmond bc and the second one is at 128-4600 No.3 RD(were westlake use to be) and just to clairfy things we are enthnic vietnamese but we apeak canatonese and viet

    1. Ben

      Hi Mike: Thanks for the comments. Actually we were at your No 3 Road restaurant just last weekend. Stay tuned. I will write about our experience next week. Glad to see Pho Viet coming back! Ben

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