Seattle Trip “McDonald’s Breakfast”

We just made a two-day trip over the weekend last week. This time was to Seattle to check out the Bite of Seattle event. We have never been to the Bite of Seattle and was really captivated by the scale of the event on the website. They appear to be much bigger than the EAT! Vancouver event here. So, here we go again … another series of blog on food and of our short visit.

Since we had to leave early, Suanne wanted to have breakfast out instead of getting up way too early to prepare breakfast, not to mention the time needed to clean-up. We went to the McD outlet in the Ironwood Mall.


The things we do for a blog these days! What we ordered was different sets of Extra Value Meals — McGriddles, McMuffins and Bagels. Besides the sandwich, the Extra Value Meal includes coffee/hot chocolate and Hash Browns.


We like their hashbrowns very much — made to perfection, if you ask me. Total calories 150.


The first sandwich is the Breakfast BLT (that’s Bacon Lettuce Tomato) Bagel. Looks pretty but seems very dry … need to wash it down with lots of coffee. That’s 430 calories.


Next on the list is the Sausage McMuffin with Eggs. The sausage (in the form of a patty) looked juicy. We liked the melted cheese look on the bun — does makes it look more appealing, doesn’t it? The bun looked dry. This has a bit more calories: 440.


Now, this is my type of breakfast! I had the Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddles. This one looked the best … juicy and moist all round and it is even stacked as high as the pictures we see in the restaurant. A perfect artery clogger at 530 calories. Hmmm … eat four of these and I would have enough calories for the day.


This one is not as bad … the Bacon, Cheese and Egg McGriddles has only 400 calories.


Hey, BTW, did any of you ever watched “Super Size Me”? That show did put me off McD for some time but hey, we still like McDonalds. Total costs $15 … no tips necessary!

Enough about food … here’s the picture of the western most border crossing between Canada and the US. Did you know that Canada and the US shares the longest undefended border in the world? I hope they keep it that way forever. This crossing is called the Peace Arch border crossing.

Traffic was light this morning and took us only about 10 mins to get through. We normally get through with minimal of questions but this time, the border officer seem to have typed quite a bit on their computer. Anyone of you know how their computer system works — I mean, when I cross over to the US, would the Canadian side know when I have crossed over?


As always, we stop by outlet stores to shop, mainly for (relatively) cheap clothings. We stopped at the Seattle Premium Outlets located in Tulalip off Exit 202 on I5. We have not found better outlet stores than this one in Washington state. Is there anyone better than this in terms of variety?


We made it to the Seattle Centre just before 2pm. Despite the heavy breakfast, we were quite hungry … just in time to hit the food stalls in Bite of Seattle.


Stay tuned. We’ll write more about the food we tried in the event tomorrow.

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  1. Donald Douglas

    Interesting to see you breaking away from all that gourmet stuff! I love McDonald’s — can’t imagine life without my sausage McMuffins! Seattle’s fun too, of course. Spent last summer on Vashon and Whidbey Islands, and also visited the Space Needle and Snoqualmie Falls. Have fun.

  2. Kyle Korleski

    Ewww, McDonalds food. I’ve had it before and it sucks. But Seattle is a fun city.

  3. Ben

    Hi Donald: Other than the extreme heat, we had a great time. Good to be away even though it’s just for two days.

    Hi Kyle: I guess many people hates McD. But then they do seem to pack their restaurants everyday.

  4. rossie

    i live here in WA n 10 mins away from the outlet mall. come visit me if u’re here the next time.

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