Seattle Trip “Bite of Seattle”

The Bite of Seattle is an annual affair held at the Seattle Center. The 2006 event is the northwest premier food festival and hosts more than 50 restaurants, 30 food product companies and other food and beverage related events. We were there primarily for the food.

When we got there at about 2 pm, there were already a lot of people. Couple with one of the hottest days, it was quite unbearable really. Our main grouse is that the organizers did not have a proper eating area with tables and chairs. So, most people ended up eating on the lawn under trees.


The below is Alligator Meat. It tastes a lot like chicken to me and do wonder if they really are alligator meat. A skewer costs $5 … it better had to be alligator meat for that kind of money!


The Louisiana Crab Cake costs $5 and is served over dirty rice and lemon garlic and tomato wine sauce. We’ve never tried this before but frankly, this does not stand up to Chinese style dish of the same sort. I guess we’re not used to having so much sauce drowning the rice.


The Salmon and Cream Cheese Piroshky is a Russian food very much described as a pocket pastry. It appears deep fried. It is crusty on the outside and has a pillowy pastry just under it.


The salmon and cream cheese went very well together. Each piece costs $5. Nice and warm.


We also bought some short churros. They always looks good but the normal length ones are simply too much for us. The two short churros was $2.


The Brats Special n Fries is a German specialty. Bratwurst is basically sausage with pork and beef. We like the real meat in the brats and the BBQ sauce is tangy and a little spicy. The fries was nothing to shout about … too soggy too. This one costs $6.


The elephant ears costs $4 each. Nice soft dough and is covered with cinnamon sugar. Always a favourite in any fair. We also gets sugar smuttered all over the face.


Our two boys absolutely must have noodles. This plate is from a Thai stall and costs $4. Nothing special really but it has too much vegetables and not enough noodles.


This is the best of all the food we tried. We went for two helpings of ribs. Each bone costs $1 only and we think it’s a good deal. The line-up for this was long as they could not keep up with the demand. They were moist and have the right bits of fat. Super yummy!


We also got a bag of freebies from some of the stalls.


There’s also a stall which happen to celebrate their 100th year anniversary with a 100 feet long hotdog.


So, what do you think of the food in the Bite of Seattle event? You know, I am pretty disappointed with the selection. I think it’ll be great if they have a more international selection of cuisines. Also, they should have put together proper places so that people can enjoy their food in comfort. Although the scale of the event is larger than the Richmond Nibbles-n-Bites and Vancouver’s EAT!, I think the local events were better organized and had wider selection.

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  1. zee

    hi suanne, what is “churros”..what are its ingredients.
    noodles with favourite..yummy

  2. Suanne

    Hi Zee, churro is a fried dough pastry based snack, originated from Spain. It’s crunchy and usually seasoned with cinnamon and sugar.

  3. Wine Blog

    I think the Churros look the best! mmmm

  4. Matt

    Bummer that you didn’t find the selection very good. I didn’t go this year but in previous years I was pretty impressed with the variety from around the world.

  5. Ben

    Hi Kyle and Wine Blog: We love churros too … those extra longs ones are the best!

    Hi Matt: He he he … maybe I am just being Canadian and thinking that Canadian festivals are better! 🙂 Really, the Bite of Seattle was really fun for us.

  6. Holly

    I was there and I really enjoyed the rib bones too. I usually try to find the cheapest bite and the $1 coconut shrimp never disappoint. Also, the Tom Douglas tasting plate was a nice combination of chi chi food that I normally never eat because it’s usually too expensive. Plus, the proceeds went to a good cause. Some non-profit food organization.

  7. Ben

    So, that must have been you lining up just in front of me at the rib bones stall! 🙂

  8. Food Lifeline

    The Comcast Bite of Seattle is this weekend (July 16-18), and The Alley Hosted by Tom Douglas is a “tasty” attraction you won’t want to miss. For just $10 you’ll get “tastes” from some of the area’s finest restaurants, meet the chefs preparing some of this delicious food, and you’ll help end hunger because all proceeds benefit Food Lifeline. Check out the menu (link to: here.

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