Seattle Trip “Trader Joe’s”

Friends have told us about Trader Joe’s and raved about how different they are from other grocery stores. We don’t have TJ’s in Canada and have always planned to check out TJ’s the next time we’re near Seattle. We found one in Everett on the way to Seattle.

TJ’s products are private labeled. They are known for their low prices and boasted the fact that each and every item in the store are tasted by their own panel. Only items they like are sold to the public. If you don’t like the things you bought, you could always return them, with no questions asked.

Since we’re travelling we just bought a couple of snacks for the trip, although there are so many other stuff we wanted to buy too. We bought a bag of TJ’s Spicy Soy and Flaxseed Tortilla Chips for $1.99.


The tortilla chip is really good. It has a flaxseed (like sesame seed) embedded on the chips which gives it a nutty flavour. The spiciness was just right. We couldn’t stop munching them in the car.


We also bought TJ’s Very Chocolate Mini Meringues. Meringues are made from whipped egg white and sugar.


The meringues are dry and crisp. The chocolate on the insides were really rich. It’s a very light snack and you can take quite a few without feeling too full.


Have you ever been to TJ’s?

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  1. Hannah

    Those look so yummy, especially the meringues. 🙂

  2. col

    My brother lives in Seattle so I’ve been to TJ’s with him and I love it! I wish we had one in Vancouver.

  3. Matt

    TJ is definitely a Seattle icon. It can get a bit pricy at times but will often have some good deals and they always have an interesting selection of great foods.

  4. suki

    My favorite grocery store! 🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE TJs.

  5. Dana

    There is a TJ near my house, but I have yet to go in. I might just have to do that.

  6. Ben

    Hi Hannah: Them meringues were really nice.

    Hi Col: There are so many things I wish we could buy but were afraid that the Canadian customs will stop us bringing it in. They almost always ask us if we are bringing over any food when we cross the border.

    Hi Matt: There’s something really magical about TJ’s. Can’t really nail what it is. Did you see their wacky website? I have never seen an uglier website!

    Hi Suki: We HEART TJ’s too.

    Hi Dana: Go check out TJ’s and let me know what you think.

  7. Lee Ping (Mrs.HBT)

    Trader Joes is my weekly stop for wine, groceries and fresh flowers.

    They are famous for their $2.99 Charles Shaw wine. I heard that it is $1.99 in California.

    They also have unique fruits, fruits that you seldom find in other grocery stores.

    Recently, I discovered Avocado kit. The kit is inexpensive and it includes fresh Avocado, Chili, garlic and shallot. Homemade Avocado is nutritious and goes well with your flax seed chips.

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