Seattle Trip “Ivar’s Seafood Bar”

Ivar’s is a famous seafood restaurant chain based in Seattle. They are the ones who has been sponsoring the 4th of July fireworks in Seattle every year since 1964.

Ivar’s own a few nice waterfront seafood restaurants in Seattle. They also have about 30 Ivar’s Seafood Bars around Washington state. There was one in Aurora nearby our hotel and decided to check that out for dinner.


We had no idea how their fish and chips is like. I thought that it would be the ones I had in London – big piece about 8″ long. So, we ordered the 3-piece fish and chip. The fish (Pacific Cod) were nowhere the size I thought. The batter was perfectly light and most importantly, not too greasy.


We also ordered the Shrimp and Chips. The shrimps were fresh and springy. Six pieces of shrimps. Very nice — we like it.


We also ordered the Summer Slam. Basically, it is three types of fishes and chips — salmon, halibut and cod.


The quality of the seafood was good. Enjoyed it a lot but the servings were smaller than what we expected. However, they do know how to do it right. The entire bill came up to $25, including drinks.


Ivar’s is an absolute must for tourists. So, if you’re Seattle, you should try one of their restaurants or seafood bar.

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  1. Matt

    I used to work at the Office Depot across the street so would often have Ivars for lunch there. I would say that if you are ever able to, hit the one on the waterfront as it is still the best. Also, they have a salmon bar near Gasworks park that is amazing. Those two are significantly better (I feel) than any of the other chain locations. My 2 cents. 🙂

  2. prying1

    Visiting through Blog Soldiers. Well done blog you have going. Making me hungry though.

    I have been to Seattle and recognise a few of the pics on some of the past posts. I had seen Ivars on my way through but I missed going to eat there though. You make it sound like I missed something good.

    – You should include a link to the places you visit and if you do decide to put in links include the html code – (space)target=”_blank”> -so a new window opens and it does not take people away from your website…

    Keep on blogging- GBYAY – Paul –

  3. cal

    Looks like a Long John Silver’s commercial…sorry.

  4. jessica kardon


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  5. LotusRapper

    Oooh IVAR’s ! Haven’t gone to them for a long time. To me the best location is the one near Gas Works Park NE Northlake, overlooking Lake Union 😀

  6. Anji

    I’m English and I’ve lived in France for 21 years. You don’t know how much I miss good old fish and chips. It’s good to know that if I ever visit the States I’ll be able to find them!!

  7. Ben

    Hi Matt: The Ivar’s at Gasworks, do you mean that place called Ivar’s Salmon House? We wanted to try that out but we were so full then. We’ll try that out the next time we’re there.

    Hi Prying1: Thanks for the feedback and the tips. I guess I am just plain lazy to add in links. Maybe I should start doing so … thanks a million.

    Hi Jessica: I have just signed up autosurfmonster. Thanks for the tip.

    Hi Anji: The fish and chips pale in comparison to good old English fish and chips. I much prefer the ones I had in London. They are bigger for one.

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