Korean Sushi Rice

Allie’s husband, Duke came over from Korea for a two weeks vacation this summer. As he always does, he brought over lots of goodies from Korea. Allie gave us some Korean seaweeds and snacks. Allie, Duke, thanks for the stuff. We always enjoyed getting this from you and learning more about the Korean culture first hand.

Korean seaweed is somewhat different from those Japanese types which are commonly found in the groceries stores here. This one is seasoned and more flavourful with a tinge of salt.


Last week, I made a simple lunch of Korean Sushi for Arkensen and Nanzaro. The boys can eat gobs and gobs of sushi. I cooked some Japanese short grain rice (sushi rice) according to the package instructions. I then seasoned the rice with some seasoned rice vinegar. Simple and fast.

I fried a few very thin omelette and cut them into small pieces. The seaweed came in large piece and I just cut them into two inches squares.


Allie had showed us how to eat with the Korean seaweed a few months ago. You put some rice on the seaweed and top it with the omelette or any other meat like Korean beef, etc and eat it just like that. Yup, you use your hands.


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  1. Pikkel Weezel

    Until you’ve eaten either a roast beef or pastrami sandwich from Napoli Imports (Italian Deli) in Milford, Ct. you haven’t had awesome local food.

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