Diet Coke and Mentos Geyser

We have been seeing a lot of Diet Coke and Mentos reaction videos on YouTube and Google Video. When we went grocery shopping over the weekend, Arkensen said we should try the experiment.

For some reason, all the videos that we saw uses ONLY Diet Coke and Mentos … not any other soda. I guess the reason why Diet Coke is used is because it’s less sticky.


We were not sure how much we need and so we decided to pop in four mentos tablets into a 2 litre Diet Coke bottle.


Arkensen volunteered to have a go. He was very nervous and took some time to calm down his nerves before doing it.


The reaction was instantaneous. I stood a long distance because I saw on the video a geyser that is at least 18 feet high. The geyser was supposed to fill the entire frame of the picture below!!


Instead, it was just 6 feet high.


The bottle was left with just a third of the coke. And it tastes weird … with a strong mentos taste.


So, anyone know how to make a 18 feet geyser? More mentos or less?

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  1. Alex Harford

    I think they had a nozzle attached to the bottle to increase the pressure.

    Temperature of the pop would make a difference too, warmer is better.

  2. Dave

    Longer neck on the bottle and/or a smaller hole for the eruption will give you more force and hence, a higher geyser

  3. sally

    drill a hole in the mentos so you can string five or six and drop into a bottle of diet coke… Maybe not eighteen feet but you’ll get a bigger geyser! Good luck!

  4. Anonymous

    actually salt should work better according to the mythbusters

  5. Anonymous

    i have done that

  6. anonymous

    i’ve seen a better version of this experiment wherethe bottle actually exploded

  7. Britney

    i had to do this for a school project. I heated the coke to 95′ degrees and inserted 15 mentos

    my gyser was 18.5 feet high

    it was awsome

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