Vera’s Burger Shack

Last weekend we attended the HSBC Celebration of Lights fireworks finale night. As usual, we went very early just so that we can get a good place to park the car. Since we had over 3 hrs of wait we normally would eat out for dinner. We thought it would be great for the blog to dine out at the outlet that serves the “best burgers in Vancouver”

Vera’s Burger Shack had been operating since 1977 in a really small shack by a couple called Frank and Vera. They are no longer operating the shack but has since grown into quite a famous chain. There are a total of 6 Vera’s outlets throughout the Lower Mainland.


Since we are watching the fireworks from the Vanier Park, we went to the Vera’s in Kitsilano (1925 Cornwall Ave).


Nanzaro ordered the Chicken Fingers from the Kids Menu. There were 3 large pieces of real chicken meat, not breaded. The Chicken Fingers came with some fries.


Suanne ordered the Thai Me Up Burger — which happen to be the winning entry in Vera’s “Build a Better Burger Contest”. The burger was very juicy with Thai Chilli Sauce, harvati, fried onions, bacon, sauteed peppers, mayo, mustard, lettuce and tomato. The burger was too tall for Suanne’s mouth!


Arkensen ordered the Vera Burger which is the basic burger on the menu. Despite comparing with the other burgers, the Vera Burger was really good too. You can see the juiciness of the patty.


I ordered the Power Burger which is a classic burger loaded with CHEESE, FRIED EGG and FRIED ONIONS. This burger is simply awesome. I love the egg especially. Hmmm … all the colesterol!


We also ordered a serving of homecut fries. This is one of the best fries we have every tried — very crunchy. Suanne does not really care much for fries but for this one she took quite a bit of it.


The total bill came up to $35 which is expensive for self-service burgers but it was a really good meal for us. We were really stuffed.

We’ll blog about the Mexico’s firework presentation tomorrow.

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  1. Shahdad

    Mouth watering pictures. I wished I had a blog like yours. It’s an excellent excuse to eat out and try new stuff. Be careful with the cholesterol thu.

  2. Eric

    That looks delicious! The restaurants interior looks a lot llike Chipotle. I’m not sure if you have those in Vancouver, but they’re an amazing burrito shop that won’t leave you disappointed.

    And that burger you got with the egg on it, it looks amazing!


  3. Steph

    Simply tempting.
    All those fats look small in the light of how delicious the food looks.

  4. LotusRapper

    Vera’s is indeed a local gem. The wait at the original shack in Dundarave got a bit too long for us, but that was part of the charm there.

    For a comparison, try The Red Onion in Kerrisdale (across from McD’s), another long-time institution. I’ve been going there since my UBC days in the late 80s. Much simpler burgers but also more down to Earth menu. Great hot dogs and fries too. And remember to wash it all down with one of their great ice cream milkshakes and a piece of pecan pie with vanilla ice cream ….. all part of a balanced diet [wink] !

  5. Jessica

    I am a student from Worle Community School studying I.T. I am currently working on a healthy living project and would like to use some of the pictures from your website in my project. Please email back if this is ok!

    Yours faithfully, Jessica Joules

  6. ihath

    The very best burger in the world is a burger that you make at home with your own hands. Why pay to build a burger in a store, when you can build it for free. Here is my recipe for the tastiest burger I ever had

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