Cool Whip Chocolate Wafers Log

Last week, during a groceries shopping trip, Ben picked up a Mr. Christie’s Chocolate wafers from the cookies aisle. This is one of the rare moments these days where Ben tag along for the shopping since I have started doing it during the weekday.

Mr. Christie is a very thin chocolate wafer which looks very appealing. Reading the instructions on the box and the mouth watering picture, we decided to make this Cool Whip Chocolate Wafers Log. The instructions sounded pretty simple.



  • 1 package (200g) Mr. Christie’s Chocolate Wafers
  • 1 tub (1 L) Cool Whip or Cool Whip Light Whipped Topping


The Cool Whip Chocolate Wafers Log turned out pretty nice. Nanzaro loves it.


Click on the link below for the instructions.


IMG_7375_edited-1Spread each chocolate wafer with a teaspoon of whipped topping, using about 2 cups for all wafers.
IMG_7378_edited-1Stack in groups of six.

You’ll get 8 groups of six.

IMG_7383_edited-1Place stacks end to end on plastic wrap, pressing together lightly. I made 2 rolls of 4 stacks each instead of one long roll.

Wrap and refrigerate at least 4 hours.

IMG_7385_edited-1Frost top and sides with remaining whipped topping just before serving.

If desired, garnish with chocolate curls, grated chocolate or candied cherries. I just dust it with cocoa powder as I dont have any of the above mentioned.

IMG_7388_edited-1Cut into diagonal slices to serve. This recipe makes 10 servings.

The Cool Whip Chocolate Wafers Log is chocolate and lightly sweetened by the Cool Whip. I must say that it’s a pretty nice dessert. The only disappointment is that the wafer became soft after the frosting. I expect it to be crunchy as before the frosting. But come to think of it, if it’s still crunchy, then we will not be able to slice the log as the wafer will crumble.

16 thoughts on “Cool Whip Chocolate Wafers Log

  1. The chocolate wafer cookies are so very thin and brittle in comparison to a few years ago. I do not enjoy trying to match up wafer pieces to make the dessert. Mr. Christie….. what happened. You use to make goooood cookies.

  2. Add mint flavouring to the middle with green food colouring and cocoa for the covering. Orange flavouring in the middle is also good. If too small I add a branch or two. Easy to double or triple as needed. YUMM! I stick mine in the freezer and it then becomes an ice cream cake. I make on a platter so I can decorate around it.

    • Glad to hear it can be frozen, I was just about ready to ask if it can be. I’m going to make 4 small stacks on individual plates for a ladies luncheon. I thought maybe 6 cookies in a stack?

  3. Sometimes I add 2 tablespoons of icing sugar (like with the original recipe made with whipped cream)
    Almond extract in the coolwhip adds zest.
    Have had a big hit making this dessert with ginger snaps instead of chocolate wafers!

  4. Aloha! I have a customer who wants to get these wafers. Do you know who the manufacturer is? If not, what store were they purchased from?

    Thank You!

  5. This is a simple recipe and I had gotten it from a friend who used whipping cream as well. She garnished it with a few wafer crushed wafer cookies. A good cake style recipe for those who have egg allergies.

  6. Re: the Mr. Christie log dessert, I’ve made this many times and the chocolate wafers are suppose to get soft. They are to becomes cake like in texture. Other variations of this dessert is to add orange food colouring and flavouring or green food colouring and mint flavouring with shaved chocolate.

  7. My Mom made chocolate wafer rolls like this years and years ago only with whipped cream. The wafers getting soft is what makes it cake-like.

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