Diet Coke and Mentos Geyser – Version 2

This is our second attempt to reach a 18 ft geyser. We had earlier only managed to get about 6 feet with 4 mentos in a 2 litre Diet Coke. This time we decided to use all 12 mentos in a pack.

We had to devise a paper funnel to make sure that all 12 tablets drops into the diet coke quickly. The reaction was instantaneous and we just can’t take our sweet time to do it. Nanzaro and Webster were too chicken to drop it — so Arkensen did it again; this time he was much more confident.


So how high does this look to you? Certainly more than 10 feet, maybe 12 feet I say. Amazing, it was great fun.


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  1. Kurt

    When will you stop deluding yourself. 18 feet is an impossible goal. Best to give up now before the strain of failure knocks you into depression.

  2. Manic

    Wow, how kool! Keep trying, but maybe you should buy a 5 litre water bottle, fill it with diet coke and then try with some 14 or so Mentos. I think you’ll sure hit 18 feet with that, maybe even higher. Keep me up to date

  3. Jee

    Bravo! That’s definitely more than 10ft.. so when are you trying for 18ft? Need better technique and strategy :p

  4. Matt

    Awesome! One of the latest Mythbusters does a bunch of experiments. It looks like a lot of fun. Well done. 🙂

  5. Shahdad

    You guys having lots of fun doing this apparently. Can wait to see the 18ft pics.

  6. Ben

    Hi Kurt, Manic, Jee, Matt and Shahdad: I guess we’re done for now — quite happy with 12ft!

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