U-Pick Blueberries

Updated on 29th July 2012

Click here for a list of organic blueberry farms in BC.

Updated on 8 August 2009

This year’s blueberries price is right for comsuners as supply outstrips demand.  The following are blueberry farm sales extracted from the Richmond Review and other source:

Farm Address Phone Notes
Bakshi BlueberryFarm 9431 No. 6 Rd. 604-275-9163 gate sales and U-Pick
Blueberry Lane 7000 No. 5 Rd. 604-273-6871 gate sales
Fishers Blueberry Farm 9311 No. 6 Rd. 604-916-6401 gate sales
DFG Organic Blueberries 11071 Blundell Rd. 604-273-5829 Open weekends for U-Pick only
No. 5 Blueberry Farm 7040 No. 5 Rd 604-303-8733 gate sales and U-Pick
KNN Blueberry Farms 11590 Granville Ave. 604-781-9993 gate sales and U-Pick
Birak Berry Farms 6311 No. 5 Rd., 3600 No. 6 Rd., 9111 No. 6 Rd. 604-328-9269 gate sales and U-Pick
Birak Berry Farms No. 4 Rd & Francis gate sales and U-Pick
Canwest Farms Ltd Blundell and Sidaway (look for red barn) 604-244-0488 gate sales
Sandhu’s Farm (Cal-San Berries) 12791 Blundell Rd. 604-715-6644 gate sales
Driediger Farms 7361 240 Street, Langley 604-888-1685 U-Pick

Polly invited us to the U-Pick Blueberries last weekend. We have never been to pick blueberries before and never knew where the U-Picks were; even though there are a lot of blueberry farms all over Richmond.

Polly found one on 11071 Blundell Rd. Coincidentally the owner of the farm were from Malaysia too. We found it spooky when another customer in the farm on that day were also from Malaysia. You can always spot a Malaysian accent with their unique version of English — I call it Manglish!


This farm does not sell blueberries at all because he apparently had a lot of orders. He told us that he had already orders for batches of 50lbs or 100lbs that he can hardly fulfill!

Blueberries are native to North America and Eastern Asia. They grow on shrubs as high as 8 ft tall. The blueberry season typically runs from May to October every year.


The fruit are pale-greenish at first, then turns redish-purple before ripening and turning blue or dark purple.


The blueberries in this farm are organic. The organic blueberries costs $1.75 per pound for u-pick. This is much cheaper than buying it from the stores which could cost up to $3 per pound or $5 for organic ones. The owner of the farm can pick to order for $2.25/lb.


This is an old farm where the shrubs were planted very close to one another. It was difficult getting through some part. We were wearing shorts and short sleeved Ts. We ended with quite a bit of scratches.


We only managed to pick less than 2 lbs after 1 hour. It was hard work but fun. During that time the four of us took to pick 2lbs, the owner were out also picking. He picked about 20lbs … alone!

Enjoy the highly anti-oxidant blueberries with these recipes:

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  1. Katina

    Hi Ben! Do you know if this u-pick farm is still open and what times? I’m thinking of heading down this coming weekend. Is there a contact number/name of the farm? Thanks!

  2. Ben

    Hi Katina:
    I just checked the web and found that they are open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 6pm. Call them at 604-273-5829 to confirm.
    Hope this helps.

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