It has been a ritual for Vancouverites to attend the PNE every summer. The crowds at the PNE is at times unbearable. So, I took a day off work during the week to bring the boys when the crowds are much thinner. During the weekend, it’s quite impossible to get from attraction to another.

The PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) is normally held the last two weeks just before school reopens. It is because if this timing that Vancouverites had considered the PNE to be the final event of summer.

The exhibition has been held in Hastings Park since it first took place in 1910. The biggest attractions of the two-week fair are its numerous shops, stalls, performances, a nightly fireworks show, and the PNE Prize Home.


We love the Wiggle Chips at the PNE, having first tried it in Revelstoke. A bag costs $3 or for $5 you get two bags of freshly sliced and fried potatoes. It’s served hot straight out of the fryer — yummy!


The sign on the stall reads “We slice’em, You spice’em”. There’s a table full of all kinds of seasonings to spice up your potatoes. We tried almost everyone of the spices!


Family owned & operated since the 1920?s, Jimmy?s Lunch serves the famous hamburgers loaded with fried onions. Hot Dogs, fish & chips and french fries are among other traditional favourites at the PNE.

They fry their onions in the front of the stall where they take your orders. Just looking at them and the smell itself will pull you to have a closer look. I like the huge pile of onions.


We ordered the two-piece fish and chips just because of the size of the fish. Reminded me of the fish and chips I had in London once.


We cannot remember exactly how much it costs — seems like about $9.


We had also the funnel cake below for $5.


For more pictures around the PNE, click the link below.

The SuperDogs is the people’s favourite at the PNE. They always fill the Coliseum. Frankly, I am getting bored with the SuperDogs as they are the same year after year. Oh well, as long as the boys like it, I took that as an opportunity to sit down for an hour!


There are performances all over the fair grounds.


Of course, there are the rides which every boy must never chicken out of. Nanzaro did well this year and took more rides than his older brother. Nanzaro did not seem to have a great time on the Pirates!


The Canadian Freestyle Motorcross Championship drew a big crowd too. The daredevil riders were amazing with their death defying arial stunts.



This year, there’s a new Racing Quads.


The “Illusions and Beyond” were held at the Family Theatre — another opportunity to sit down in an air condition hall!


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  1. John gilmour

    what are the names of the motocross campions.

  2. Ben

    Duh, I don’t know John … everyone look the same to me with their helmet on. You know any of them riders?

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