Duffin’s Donuts on Main St.

I can’t really describe this place. Duffin’s Donuts had been an icon in Vancouver Eastside for a long time. Driving past a Duffin’s Donuts, one gets the impression that it’s a shop selling donuts only but when you get into the store, you’ll find that it’s definitely much much more than just donuts.

Duffin’s is actually a Cambodian family owned joint, originally located on Main and 33rd. They are famous for their homemade fresh donuts and Vietnamese subs. But then they also serve all kinds of food from Mexican Tortas, bubble tea, fried chicken, Chinese rice and noodles, — the selection is amazing.

We went to the Duffin’s Donuts on 41st and Main.


Arkensen ordered a double cheese burger for $4.79. The burger looks juicy. I like the buns in that it’s does not look dry at all.


Suanne ordered Machaca sandwich for $3.50. The hot sandwich is made up of shredded beef, lettuce, tomato, slice onion, pickled pepper, avocado on a crusty roll — tasty and filing.


Nanzaro ordered fried rice noodle with honey pork and chicken. They were just ho-hum but I guess Nanzaro just wanted some dry noodles and did not care much about what sides it came with.


For me, I ordered a seafood chowmien which is loaded with prawn, squid, pollock, fish, sweet pea and carrot. The seafood portion were surprising large considering that it costs about $8.


We also ordered a coffee mocha with pearl to share.


It’s not in any sense elegant dining but for us, this place sure beats McDonalds for a fast, and cheap meal.

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  2. I haven’t been to Duffin’s in years! I used to work there in the early 1980s when it was owned by one of two Chinese-Canadian brothers. If I remember correctly the other brother owned Nuffy’s. Mmm, I really liked the curly donuts, especially when they were still warm…

  3. Thanks for the info Eric. Enjoyed reading your blog. The next time I’m there at Duffin’s, I will check it up and kick up a fuss if they charge tax me more than they are allowed to.

  4. Duffin’s Donuts is a nice place to eat when ” on-the-go “. But recently, when I confronted them about the 7% GST they have been charging – and I and countless others have paid for- for the last 2 months, (and I have been telling them to change it for the last 2 months), they told me to leave and never come back again.
    More at my blog yagottaknowthis.blogspot.com

  5. Hmm, always was curious about them. Now I’ll have to go there to get the double burger and wash it down with a couple of donuts (and a diet drink of course ….)

    The Main/33rd joint is called Nuffy’s, also a purveyor of donuts plus an ecclectic range of fried chicken, torta subs etc. Laid-back hangout, but the place could use a real makeover and a half. My $0.25

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