Nibbles and Bites of Richmond

Any plans this weekend? If not, I highly recommend you to check out a food event known as the Nibbles and Bites of Richmond. This is a food event where about two dozens of the top restaurants in Richmond showcased their cuisine.

You buy coupons and redeemed them for food. Last year, it was something like $10 for a strip of 10 coupons. Each dish generally costs only 2-3 coupons but they are in small servings. This way you get to sample a lot of variety.

The event is held on Saturday (September 9th) and Sunday (September 10th). They open at 11am. It could get very crowded. If you plan to go, I suggest of you get to the place before 11am.

It’s in the Thompson Community Center.

We plan to be there — looks like it’s gonna be another beautiful day according to the weather forecast.

Mini Malaysia Restaurant in Coquitlam

Update 26-Feb-2010: According to Darcy’s comment below, this little family run business shut down about a year ago due to sharp increases in rent.

We were in Coquitlam a few weeks ago for the watershed tour. We had always wanted to check out the Mini Malaysia Restaurant in Coquitlam for a long time ever since the restaurant moved from their original location in New Westminster in 2002.


The restaurant is located in the Eagle Ridge Place on Lansdowne Drive. It is a family owned business.


Arkensen ordered the Hainanese Chicken Rice. The dish costs $6.99.


I ordered the KL Hokkien Char. This is close to what is better known as Shanghai fried noodles but with a Malaysian twist using darker soy sauce. What is missing is the “jee you jar”, fried crispy pork fats! The sambal which came with the dish were home made by the restaurant. Dish costs $8.99.

The wife of the owner, appears to be the one who does the cooking, came out and told us, twice, that she personally made the sambal herself. The sambal was really authentic. We love it.


Suanne ordered the Nasi Lemak, also for $8.99. We are very picky about our nasi lemak and this does not really measure up to our expectation … although, we must say that the presentation was pretty nice. The anchovies were really small and the curry chicken is more like dhal chicken.

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