Pearl Meatball

Julie also showed us a second dish which uses the same ingredients to make the meatball. She used the same meatball ingredients to make Pearl Meatball.

For this dish, we need an extra ingredient which is the glutinous rice. The glutinous rice has to be soaked for at least 3 to 4 hours.


This time, Julie made small meatballs, the size of of loonie. Rolled the meatballs in the glutinous rice so that the meatball is completely covered with the glutinous rice.


Steam the glutinous rice covered meatballs for 15 to 20 minutes until the rice is translucent. The translucent look of the rice gives this dish the name Pearl Meatball.


I love recipes which yield more than one dish using the same ingredients. Good job, Julie.

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  1. onemargaret

    Very interesting recipes. I might try this recipe, since I like meatballs. Please visit my site and leave your comments. Thank you.

  2. Suanne

    Glad you like this. Ben said he can’t figure out what it is I took. It tasted pretty good to me although it did not look particularly great.

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