Vietnamese Sub from Hue Cafe in Richmond

I’m off to catch a flight to Singapore. The flight is in the afternoon and I have not have a confirmed ticket yet. Calling the reservation office yesterday, they told me I should have no problem getting a seat on the flight but I need to be there as soon as the checkin counter opens to get onto the wait list.

The family wanted to see me off at the airport. So, we decided grab something to eat at the airport while waiting for my flight to be confirmed. There’s this new Hue Cafe little shop we notice along No 3 Road each time we drive past the Richmond Center. We would not have given that place a second thought if not for the big sign that reads “Vietnamese Sub: 4 for $10”. It was just what we wanted — sandwiches to-go for the airport.


They have dark windows and you could barely see the insides. However, when we got in we were pleasantly surprised how clean and tastefully decorated they were. It’s much better than the many Vietnamese restaurants we frequented.

They have limited menu — primarily subs and pho. The prices were very cheap too. Their pho is only about $4.50 each. We ordered the 4 subs for $10 and decided to choose different types. We chose pork, chicken, beef and meatballs.


The bread is the banquette, hard crusted type. There are not much meat and you can see lots of the carrot, cucumber, etc.


The subs were surprising very good. It was just rightly moist which is due to the fish sauce they used.


All of us enjoyed it. Will certainly go back to the little shop and check out their cheap pho one of these days. The joint was owned by a friendly and charming young lady who had kids at the age of our boys. We chatted about our kids.

Here is their address: 6620, No 3 Road, Richmond, BC.

Stay tuned … I am away from home for the next two weeks on business in Singapore and also making a side trip to Malaysia to meet up with family and old friends. It’ll be a hectic trip but I am looking so much forward to this trip for sometime now.

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  1. Anji

    Visiting your blog always makes me feel soooo hungry!

  2. Mike V.

    wow, do thoese look good.
    been a while since I have had that. thanks for reminding me.

  3. Maritza

    Does the town of Richmond have the world’s best places to eat? This blog sure makes it seem that way!

  4. Chubbypanda

    Mmm… That’s what I like to see in bahn mi. Lots of herbs, a good number of pickles, and enough meat for flavoring. Add a light and chewy bread roll and I’m a happy camper. I’ll have to hit that place up the next time I’m in BC.

    – Chubbypanda

  5. Ben

    Hi Maritza: Frankly, Richmond does not seems to have a lot of eating places to me. Vancouver is the happening place with a lot more variety. Richmond’s restaurants are dominated by Asian restaurants though.

    Hi Chubbypanda: When you’re in BC next time, let us know and we can do a joint food blog!

  6. Crayon

    If you go to this restaurant, don’t order the Pho. It was the worst Pho I’ve ever had in my life. They didn’t even make the soup correctly, as it tasted more like a korean beef-radish soup.

  7. Nancy

    Just an update on this cafe. It has been bought by a young vietnamese man. The place is spotless and I really like the food. I am not a sub-type fan but the special baguette, which includes his homemade pate, is yummy (I would like to have more of the pate just to munch it is so good). I am addicted to his salad rolls which have cilantro which I guess isn’t usual but are very good, lighter?, and his own peanut sauce – I go through alot of sauce :-). The curry chicken soup and the beef stew with bread or with noodles are very good, and the curry is nicer than some other places I have been to lately (he marinates his chicken which I think adds to the depth of flavour). The lemongrass chicken is very nice too although I usually feed my other addictions as I am in there weekly and like having a soup in the fridge. I just had his veggie spring rolls and can totally recommend them, no heavy-duty cabbage here. He keeps later hours (8pm most of the week) and is open all week. I haven’t had the pho or the chicken noodle soup but others have liked it. Check it out with the new owner.

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