Singapore-Malaysia Trip: Pepsi

I am having a miserable time once I got out from the air-conditioned airport. It’s so incredibly hot and humid here in Kuala Lumpur. Sigh … I’m all sticky. Been taking cold showers but to no avail. The moment I step out from the shower, I start sweating again.

So, within the first hour at my parent’s house, I went to Jusco (a supermarket) to get some soft drinks and stock up the fridge. Found some Pepsi (I prefer Pepsi over Coke anytime) on the shelves.

First there was the normal Pepsi. Then there is two other types of Pepsi which I have not come across in Canada. The Pepsi Max and Pepsi Tarik. I am pretty sure that Pepsi Tarik is only available in South East Asia because Tarik is the Malay word for “pulled”.


The Pepsi Max, oddly, is the no-sugar version of Pepsi. I would have thought that a more apt name would be Pepsi Zero, or Pepsi Min or something like that.

Now the Pepsi Tarik, I am pretty sure, is only sold in Malaysia and Singapore. It’s a blend of Pepsi with Coffee. The taste is weird to me. If anything, it does not taste anything that resemble coffee at all. Maybe it’s just me.

I am not having a great time. For a long time, I had not come across cockroaches at all. Also, I have not been bitten by mosquitoes for so many years. Now I am swatting mosquitoes all night long. Those blood sucking mosquitoes are huge and drinks pints of my blood! Sigh … not to mention there are ants … scurrying all over my precious Pepsi.