Singapore-Malaysia Trip: Pepsi

I am having a miserable time once I got out from the air-conditioned airport. It’s so incredibly hot and humid here in Kuala Lumpur. Sigh … I’m all sticky. Been taking cold showers but to no avail. The moment I step out from the shower, I start sweating again.

So, within the first hour at my parent’s house, I went to Jusco (a supermarket) to get some soft drinks and stock up the fridge. Found some Pepsi (I prefer Pepsi over Coke anytime) on the shelves.

First there was the normal Pepsi. Then there is two other types of Pepsi which I have not come across in Canada. The Pepsi Max and Pepsi Tarik. I am pretty sure that Pepsi Tarik is only available in South East Asia because Tarik is the Malay word for “pulled”.


The Pepsi Max, oddly, is the no-sugar version of Pepsi. I would have thought that a more apt name would be Pepsi Zero, or Pepsi Min or something like that.

Now the Pepsi Tarik, I am pretty sure, is only sold in Malaysia and Singapore. It’s a blend of Pepsi with Coffee. The taste is weird to me. If anything, it does not taste anything that resemble coffee at all. Maybe it’s just me.

I am not having a great time. For a long time, I had not come across cockroaches at all. Also, I have not been bitten by mosquitoes for so many years. Now I am swatting mosquitoes all night long. Those blood sucking mosquitoes are huge and drinks pints of my blood! Sigh … not to mention there are ants … scurrying all over my precious Pepsi.

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  1. David

    At a first glance I read the lable on the right to say “Die for more” and I thought, wow finally truth in advertising!

  2. Chubbypanda

    Oh yeah. I hate the mosquitoes in Taiwan. Hate them with the passion of a thousand burning suns. The ones in Vancouver can be pretty bad too.

    – Chubbypanda

  3. Emily

    The best thing for mosquitos is tiger balm…worked great for me against the ferocious mosquitos in Laos.

    And, too cool, we have Pepsi Max here in Paris as well and it’s the diet version here too.

  4. LotusRapper


    Aren’t ya gonna do a Singapore/Malasia Mentos & Diet Coke “test” ?

  5. Ben

    Hi Chubbypanda: Now you reminded me … oh yeah, I remember the time when I played golf in Surrey, the mosquitos were huge. Thinking about it give me the creeps!

    Hi Emily: I am impressed you know of Tiger Balm. Sigh, my mum thinks that these things cure everything in the world and makes me apply them. 🙂

    Hi LotusRapper: You know what, my nephews asked me about the experiment Nanzaro made. They find it facinating but I think their parents would not really approve — they consider this throwing away good food.

  6. toygirl

    They tried Pepsi and coffee here in the states about a decade ago–it was called Pepsi Kona and only available in certain areas. Now there is Coke Blak, which is similar, and DISGUSTING.

  7. Ben

    Hi Toygirl: I have heard of Coke Blak but we don’t have it in Vancouver. Too bad … would love to try it myself.

  8. winsonkoh

    Singapore got sell Pepsi Tarik meh? I thought only in Malaysia?

  9. m.raheel

    hi dear sir,

    appa kabar.i m from name is raheel.your prouct is v.v.very exelent.i stay in malaysia 2 month i used your give me a advise can u deliver pepsi coffee and pepsi produce in Pakistan.i want make whole saler in Pakistan.please send me a e-mail.byeee take care

  10. Candy Spooner

    Walauwe! Got such Pepsi in Malaysia? I’m so excited on going back to KL next month after being away in US for 3 1/2 years. Great to read your blog about your trip there so to oriented myself before I get culture shock.

  11. Tarik Carter

    Hello my name is Tarik, I would love to buy a can or six pack of this soda. Where other than Malayasia can I buy this? Can this be bought in the US?

  12. Ben

    Hi Tarik: He he he … I bet you fancy getting Pepsi bottles with your name in it. I think it’s only available in Malaysia and Singapore as I am pretty sure no one outside the two countries even know what Tarik means.

  13. Mathew John

    Please send me the contact address of Pepsi cola Singapore

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