Singapore-Malaysia Trip: Fried Spaghetti Malaysian Style

Hwee Ee is my favourite niece being the only girl in the family for a long time. She was just a small girl the last I saw her. She used to like to tag along Suanne and I when we go out shopping or outing — in many ways, she was like a daughter to us. She is a young woman now. I am so glad to see how she still is the same bubbly and cheerful person I had always known her to be.

Hwee Ee brought me out to try her favourite Fried Spaghetti stall for breakfast. At a glance of the picture below, it does seem like a lot of food for breakfast doesn’t it? Well, Malaysians take very heavy breakfast. Most take noodles and rice for breakfast, believe it or not!

The Fried Spaghetti is not a common dish but a fusion of Malay and Western food. Malaysians like their food spicy and hot. So this dish had a strong taste of spiciness in it. It was a nice touch to have the spaghetti fried with some hot pepper powder — not just softened in boiling water.


On the dish too, there was a sausage, a piece of ham and a fried egg with some salad. It was a big breakfast for me. It was really very tasty — especially the fried spaghetti.


The stall is in one of the many restaurants in Manjalara. I don’t know exactly where it is. Guess how much the above costs? It’s just RM4.20 … which is about CAD$1.40 or USD$1.20!

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  1. Chubbypanda

    Wow. Here I thought American breakfasts were heavy. Funny how similar this dish is to the Filipino take on spaghetti.
    – CP

  2. Lea

    Fascinating!!!! I love seeing how different cultures can take on another’s food and completely make it their own! This looks so wonderful! =)

  3. Ben

    Hi CP: I have never knew much about Filipino food (well, except for balut which I tried once). I should make it a point to check out the many Filipino restaurants here in Vancouver.

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