Singapore-Malaysia Trip: May King’s Lam Mee

May King was one of my favourite lunch places during my days working at BAT. This place is located next to a huge wet market called Pudu Pasar. Their specialty is Lam Mee and Curry Mee. This place is always packed during lunch time. It was so packed then that the restaurant owner forces all customers to share tables — shoulder to shoulder! Like a lot of popular restaurants here, you have no choice because the owner could ask you to leave if you don’t like it!! Well, that was years ago … so I am not sure if this still happens.

John and I went to May King at about 3pm, way past lunch time. It was not busy at that time. The bad thing was that they had ran out of curry mee. John was my frequent lunch partner.


May King used to be hot and humid with extremely poor ventilation. I remember eating with sweat pouring down my back and forehead. The shirt sticks to the skin — extremely uncomfortable but then I could just ignore that discomfort.

Today, May King is fully air conditioned and they also have new tiles on the floor and walls. This is definitely more comfortable compared to what I remembered of this place. The service appear much better too — but then maybe it’s because there were not many customers at that time I visited.

I started with ordering a refreshing glass of boiled sugar cane with ice.


The below is their famous Lam Mee. I have no idea what Lam Mee is made of — anyone knows? I just know they were delicious. Oh, see that small plate of chilli? Well, you get ONE for each order. If you want extra chilli, you need to pay 20 sen for each! No where else does a restaurant had the gall to charge for extra chilli. Well, May King could because they are the best … and you can leave if you don’t like it! 🙂


The gravy is dark and thick. The noodles were so tasty that I swear they can be eaten just by itself — OK I exaggerated but not by much.


We also ordered some fishballs and stuffed tofu pouch.


I had a good meal. Thanks John for joining me for lunch here again!

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  1. lene

    i really like your i can know where the nice food is.I have been asking local kl people but they hardly go out to eat.Very nice website!

  2. Ben

    Hi Lene: Really? My impression is that KL’ites dines out much more compared to, say, Canadians. It’s because food is so cheap there.

  3. Kirk

    Hi Ben – That looks great – nice photos as they always make me hungry!

  4. Ben

    Hi Kirk: It’s the camera and lens that made the difference. Am enjoying the new toy and brings that along with me about everywhere I go.

  5. colbert

    all this pics are making me hungry. thanks for it

  6. Vincent

    Wow, this is probably the first time ever I heard that you have to pay for extra chilli. One plate of chilli will surely not be enough to me.

  7. Ben

    Hi Vincent: I agree with you. What I do is that I pour the entire plate of chilli right off the bat. And then for every spoonful, I dab the chilli on the noodles. So, how am I gonna do that with just 1 miserable plate of chilli. Sigh … and people do actually accepts paying extra for it.

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