Singapore-Malaysia Trip: ABC in Suria KLCC

Sorry about this folks. I just realized that I had not blogged about food for the past three days. OK, here it is … am slowly going back to food starting with a small food review today and back to full food blog tomorrow. He he he … Suanne is enjoying herself the past 2 weeks because she did not have to post anything until my series on my Singapore-Malaysia trip is completed. Suanne had a lot of recipes piled up. Bear with me — I think I have about 1 week of blog materials left on my trip. Anyway, back to the blog for today …

At the base of the Petronas Twin Towers is a shopping complex called the Suria KLCC. The Suria KLCC is perhaps the most upscale shopping complex in KL. There are a total of 6 levels which each level laid out in it’s own distinctive style and character.


It was the Ramadan month when I was in KL and so the Suria KLCC was decked with Malay decorations. At the lower lobby were displays of Malay culture and cultural performances. There was a man playing the angklung which is a traditional Malay musical instrument made of bamboo.

This is the first time I see a 1-man angklung performance. I recall seeing angklung played by a large group of people, each playing an octave — very much like how musical bells are played.


Walking around the complex, I came across this sign below — PREMIUM paid toilet. Oh yeah, Malaysians called washrooms toilets. That is daylight robbery. In Canada, no one pays to use public washrooms but it is quite common in Malaysia to pay 20sen — but RM2.00 is too much.


I remembered that the food court had much more variety with authentic food from the Philippines, Indonesia, etc. But this time, there are only Malaysian type of food. Still this food court is one of the cleanest and comfortable food courts around.


I was quite full and did not feel like getting anything to eat. It was hot and humid though and I wanted something to cool down. So I ordered a popular local refreshment simply called the ABC. ABC (Air Batu Campur) is a mound of shaved ice and heaped with all kinds of ingredients. To me there is nothing more refreshing on a hot day than the ABC.


The ABC’s ice shavings are shaved using ice shavers below. It was very common to see manual ice shavers in outdoor hawker centres but these days, most of them are powered electrically.


So, what are the ingredients? Beats me … I can’t even begin to describe most of them. Well, I know there are slices of banana, some peanuts, some cendol. What I hate most is red beans — that I told them to not add red beans.



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  1. Chubbypanda

    Dunno, Ben. Some of the public toilets in that part of the world… I can still remember ones from my visits to Taiwan where I just held my breath, tried not to touch anything, and hoped my shoes were still water-tight. *twitch*

    I love shaved ice and red beans. I tell them to pile the beans on when I order shaved ice. Hmmm… How about I just try to eat your share of red beans whenever I get shaved ice? =)

    – Chubbypanda

  2. Erick

    I have to agree with Chubbypanda there especially in that part of the world. We’re planning a trip to Tokyo and HK later this year and the public toilets in HK leave much to be desired. We always try to go into nice, hotels when nature calls. Even if we have to tip the attendant $1, it’s $1 well spent.

  3. Ben

    Hi Chubbypanda and Erick: I know … I had a few experience myself during the trip to Malaysia. The toilets in restaurants are the worst. It smells terrible, it’s wet and you can ‘t help but to visually check it before you use it can you?

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