Singapore-Malaysia Trip: Sister-in-Law’s Cooking

In my week in KL, I had always eaten out except for one meal which I had at home. Poh Ting cooked up a storm for dinner one of the days. She is the wife of my younger brother and is an awesome cook judging by the food she cooked.

The fried chicken was great. The skin of the chicken were crisp and is stuck so tightly to the meat. I didn’t know what marinate she used. Suanne does not make anything fried at home and so this was really good for a change.


This is asparagus with prawns. The asparagus in Malaysia is a lot more shorter and thinner, unlike the bigger ones we find here in Canada. I like asparagus … a lot.


This is a simple mixed vegetable dish with slices of pork. The gravy was light and goes so well with rice. Simple dish but really nice.


My mum told me that a family friend gave them fish — large ones — every week. I don’t know what the fish is. Poh Ting cooked the fish steak with onion-tomato sauce.


Pork stomach pepper soup. It’s best taken hot. My favourite type of soup.


What do you call this? Braised pork hock? Well, whatever one calls it, It was really good.


It was a lot of dishes cooked at home. I enjoyed this meal and wish I had more room in my stomach to eat more!

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  1. Lea

    That chicken does look fantastic!!!

    She definitely looks to be one heck of an impressive cook!

  2. Mae

    You were treated very well! What a spread!

    The pork hocks looks so similarly like adobo. If she ever parts with the recipe to you, you know you’ll have to share it, won’t you? *laughs*

  3. LotusRapper

    Mmmm looks great. That chicken doesn’t look fried … was it skinned already ?

  4. Chubbypanda

    Mmm… I grew up on braised pork hock. Probably one of the reasons I’m a *chubby* panda. Home cooked food is the best, followed by street vendor food, then hole-in-the-wall food.

    – Chubbypanda

  5. Ben

    Hi Mae: Shucks … I would have gotten the recipe from my sis-in-law but it would have been in Chinese … and Suanne can’t read chinese!

    Hi LotusRapper: The chicken was fried alright … with skins intact. The skin somewhat shrunk during the frying. It was yummy!

  6. Lucinda

    2 days ago I just took pork stomach pepper soup (sup pedas) with my friend at one of the restaurant in Jalan Imbi, & it is good yummy yummy !

    I would recommend all must try & for those interested, here is the location :

    Restaurant Magic 刘太辣汤
    53-3, Jalan Barat
    Off Jalan Imbi

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