Singapore-Malaysia Trip: Putrajaya

OK, I did not keep my promise.

For today, I will not blog about food. I, err, promise that this is the last of non-food blog for this series. This blog is about the new administrative capital of Malaysia, Putrajaya.

I had never been to Putrajaya before and when Terence and Choon Neo showed me around the capital, I must say that it was a jaw-dropping experience for me. The entire city was planned and built from the ground up.

Driving to the the city, it was apparent that every aspect of the city was designed to the minutest detail. The overhead bridge were ornate and the lamp posts were uniquely designed all over the city.


Every great city is centered around waters. So, when the city was built, the government actually built a large artificial lake around the city! The lake were filled by two rivers which were rerouted to it. I was amazed with the design of all the bridges. They were modern and grand.


The Seri Gemilang bridge below is the only “ceremonial” bridge — built with distinctive towers.


All government offices were relocated from KL to Putrajaya. The building below is the Palace of Justice, no less. It’s one of the grandest buildings, perhaps intended as a way to tell the world of the justice administered in the land.


Every ministry building is uniquely designed. Thinking of how the cookie cutter government buildings in KL, these buildings were amazing. Not many corporations can even afford to build their corporate headquarters like these.


Running across the entire city is a boulevard with a wide centre span paved in marbles. This is designed to be the main parade route for national day.


When I was there, the air was hazy. So Terence gave me some of his better shots taken during clearer days. The building below is the Prime Minister’s department. The building overlooks all the ministry down the boulevard.


Just next to the Prime Minister’s department is the new Putra Mosque, better known as the Pink Mosque. I have never seen a mosque in pink … the most popular colour for mosques are green.


The building below is the Putrajaya International Convention Centre.


It was truly amazing for me to see Putrajaya. At the same time, I really think this entire city is a complete waste of public money. All the billions that went into building a city with artificial lakes and all could have been better used for the people.

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  1. Chubbypanda


    You kill me. A great write-up with an even better conclusion. Everything you said was spot on.

    – Chubbypanda

  2. Rasa Malaysia

    I agree, it is impressive, and yes, a waste of money!

    From your pictures, it looks like you are the only person there? No sign of others?!

  3. Lea

    It may be pink.. but it is an absolutely breathtaking mosque!! Wow!

  4. Ben

    Hi Rasa Malaysia: Well, you are right, Putrajaya is practically a ghost town. There’s hardly any life in the downtown core. No strip mall … nothing.

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