Singapore-Malaysia Trip: New Ipoh Chicken Rice in Jalan Gasing

Met up with James over lunch in PJ. He suggested Chicken Rice near his work place and so I made my way to PJ after spending the morning in KL downtown and the Central Market. I wanted to post yet another non-food entry but decided, no, I should just stick to food!

If I recall correctly, this restaurant is called the New Ipoh Chicken Rice. In chinese, it’s better known as nga-choy-gai (chicken with bean sprout), This is a typical Hainanese Chicken Rice dish.

The bean sprout is a specialty of Ipoh which produces beansprouts quite unlike those you find elsewhere in the country. Ipoh people believes that this is because the hard water in Ipoh makes their beansprouts particularly tastier.


We had a choice of the normal farmed chicken or the kampung (village) chicken. The kampung chicken are leaner because they are not couped up in dens and are left to run freely. We ordered the kampung chicken to share.


I ordered their “oiled” rice (yow-fun). It’s steamed rice and mixed with the chicken fat. It give a really nice aroma and flavour.


Daniel decided to have noodles instead of rice to go with the chicken. Ipoh is also famous for their sar-hor-fun (flat rice noodles) in soup.


I really like the innards of the chicken. I know a lot of people get turned off by these stuff but I really like this. It had liver, intestines, heart, lungs … yummy!


Beef balls in soup rounded off the order. It was a really nice and simple meal. Not sure how much these costs though — hmmm, I can’t even remember if I paid for it or Daniel did.


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  1. Chubbypanda

    That’s the type of food I love. Delicious! Innards!

    – Chubbypanda

  2. Meredith

    I love the chicken! Looks extremely delicious to me.

  3. Kunstemaecker

    I adore sar hor fun, but I had forgotten the name.

    I’m going to make it this week. mmmmm.

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