Korean BBQ Beef Stir-fry

This is Lorna’s second dish as a supplement to her Taiwanese Sausage. Since the sausage cannot be eaten on the same day, she decided to make this simple Korean BBQ Beef Stir-fry so that the cooking club will have something to enjoy.



  • 1 kg of marbled beef slices (those you found in the Chinese groceries stores for hot pot use)
  • 1 cup or more of Korean BBQ sauce
  • 3 sweet peppers of different colours, red, yellow and green, cut into diamond shape
  • 1 onion, sliced
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced



_MG_9072Marinate the beef slices with 1 cup of the Korean BBQ sauce for two hours preferably.
_MG_9076Heat the frying pan with some oil and stir fry the onions until translucent. Add the minced garlic and stir-fry until fragrant. Remove and set aside.
_MG_9078In the same frying pan, add more oil to pan fry the beef slices, a few at at time. Turn the beef to fry on the other side. It does not take long to fry the beef.

Remove the beef in a platter while you continue to fry the remaining beef.

_MG_9084After finishing frying the beef, clean the frying pan if necessary. Add a little bit of oil and return the fried onions and garlic to the pan. Add the sweet peppers and fry for a few minutes. Season with salt.
_MG_9086Return the beef to mix with the vegetables and add more sauce if you desired. Do not overcook the beef or else it will be tough. Serve hot with steam rice.

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  1. Mama Bok

    Hi.. stumbled on your blog.. and loved it..! unfortunately, can’t find your email addy. I am currently in Yarmouth, NS. Originally from Singapore. Wonder if you or your wife can give me the recipe on how you made your nasi lemak..?? since i donch have any pandan leaves here. Many thanks in advance…!!

  2. Suanne

    Hi Mama Bok,

    You can type “nasi lemak” in the search box and it will bring you to my blog on the nasi lemak recipe.

    Btw, you can reach us via chowtimes@gmail.com

  3. Mama Bok

    Cool stuff.. Suanne..!! thank you very much…!!

  4. Omni

    That looks so GOOD!! 🙂

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