Vegetarian Tempura

Winnie’s second dish is fried vegetarian tempura. She used various root vegetables like sweet potatoes, taro and zucchini.

It is very simple to make as she uses the tempura batter mix from a box. Just add water to the right consistency and it’s ready for dipping the sliced vegetables for frying.


Deep fry the vegetable tempura in small batches and drain them on paper towel to remove excess oil. It does not take long to fry the thinly sliced vegetables.


The orange sweet potatoes are very sweet while the yellow ones are firmer. The taro is creamy and the zucchini has not much taste.


Winnie also brought some prawn crackers for frying since we are doing deep frying in the class. The prawn crackers puff up immediately when drop into the hot oil. You need to get them out quickly to prevent burning.


Winnie also brought some bean curd rolls for us to try. She made this before in one of our earlier class. Everyone loves the bean curd rolls.


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  1. Tracey

    I would definitely take a serve of the tempura and the bean curd rolls! Yum!!

  2. Rasa Malaysia

    What are the fillings inside of the bean curd rolls? I can’t tell exactly. 😉

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