Whole Wheat Pancake

Pancake is a kind of comfort food for many people. The typical ingredients for making pancakes are flour, egg and milk.

Winnie made this healthy Whole Wheat Pancake as a snack or for breakfast for her family. What matters most is that her husband loves this pancake.


Winnie uses a simple syrup made from brown sugar slap to mix with whole wheat flour to make the batter for the pancake.


You may add some vanilla to the batter for flavor. Just pan fry the pancake is a non stick pan with a little bit of oil. For extra flavor, you may add some mini chocolate chips on the pancake before you flip it into a half moon pancake.


Winnie, thank you for sharing with us.

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  1. Chubbypanda

    Hmmm… Pancakes in other countries are a lot flatter than they are in the States. Does Winnie use any baking powder in her recipe?

    – Chubbypanda

  2. Suanne

    Hi Chubbypanda,

    Winnie’s pancake does not have baking powder, just syrup and whole wheat flour. Her pancake is the very thin version.

  3. pasion

    hmm, yum! once i tasted the wholewheat version, i found the white flour ones “lacking character” hahahah

  4. Serena

    Hi! I’m new to your site and would like to know more about it. This whole wheat pancake looks so good! Would you send me the recipe?

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