Chicken Jelly Fish Salad

Angela made two chicken dishes in the Caring Place Community Kitchen. This is the first dish which is Chicken Jelly Fish Salad. This is a cold salad. It’s great as an appetizer.


Angela marinated a chicken breast with salt and pepper and steam the chicken breast for 30 minutes or until it’s cook. Then she shredded the chicken breast into thin strips.


The other main ingredient in this dish is the instant jelly fish which can be purchased from many Chinese groceries stores. The jelly fish is ready to eat.

Angela seasoned the chicken and jelly fish with sesame oil, chicken seasoning (optional) and sar geong fern (a kind ground ginger seasoning). Angela also garnishes the dish with cilantro and toasted sesame seeds.


The Chicken Jelly Fish Salad has a very distinctive flavour from the sar geong fern. The jelly fish gives the dish a very nice crunch.

Nanzaro loves jelly fish and I will certainly make this for him.