Celery Chicken Fingers

The other chicken dish which Angela made was Celery Chicken Fingers. The crispy fried chicken fingers are served with a sweet dipping sauce.


The chicken fingers were made from thinly butterflied chicken breast (which has been seasoned with salt and peppers) wrapping around a celery stick and fastened by tooth picks. The chicken fingers are floured, dipped in egg wash and then rolled in breadcrumbs.


The chicken fingers are pan fried in medium low heat until they are golden brown.


The dipping sauce is made from a mixture of evaporated milk, honey and French mustard in the proportion of 3:1:1.


This is a finger food which kids will love. The celery gives the chicken fingers the extra crunch. Angela, thank you for sharing.

3 thoughts on “Celery Chicken Fingers

  1. Great site! Having migrated to Washington from Singapore 3 years ago, this site reminds me so much of Singapore, the Food Paradise.

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