Simply Vegetarian in Richmond

Update 07-Dec-2010: This restaurant is closed. Must have been closed for a while already.

We bumped into Steven a couple of months ago in Chapters. Steven used to work with Ben. To our surprise, Steven knows about chowtimes and being a vegetarian, he invited us to try out vegetarian food. We had never visited a vegetarian restaurant before and quickly accepted his invite.

Steven brought us to a restaurant called Simply Vegetarian on Akroyd in Richmond.


With Steven’s recommendation, Ben ordered a combo meal for $6.95. The combo meal comes with a miso soup.


Ben ordered this 3 cups of Treasure which is veggie meat made from soy bean starch cooked in ginger, basil, peanut and satay sauce. We were surprised by the taste of the dish which is pretty good.


Ben’s combo also comes with a green salad.


Steven ordered his favourite dish which comes with a vegetarian chop and spinach. I cant recall what its called. It’s a pretty big serving dish. By the way, you have a choice of brown or white rice.


Arkensen ordered a vegetarian beef noodles. This is a spicy noodles soup with tofu puff, veggie meat and meatballs and some lettuces. The flavour is amazing and out of our expectation.


Nanzaro ordered another noddles soup which is not the spicy type, out of his character. Nanzaro could’nt finish his noddles as the serving is quite large.


I ordered a Mah Poh Tofu which is supposed to be spicy. To my disappointment, it is not as spicy as I expected and its just plain tofu. I would prefer the real Mah Poh Tofu with ground pork in it.


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9 thoughts on “Simply Vegetarian in Richmond

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    • Hi Arzeena:
      Where did you hear that Simply Vegetarian is closed? I have not heard of it. As a matter of fact, they had just won second place for the best vegetarian on the Vancouver Chinese Restaurant award yesterday.

  2. Hi Suanne!

    I stumble upon your site and am truly impressed with it! It reminds me of my home country – Malaysia, your step-by-step illustration is really good and you are so blessed that you have a group of friends whom can whipped up a storm with authentic dishes! Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Suanne,

    I love vegetarian Asian food of all types, although I think that vegetarian Chinese is the best. It’s amazing what those cooks manage to do with soy products or wheat gluten and the right seasonings.

    – Chubbypanda

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