Fruit Rojak

During our gathering at Riverfront park, Jessica made some Malaysian fruit rojak which was gobbled up in a jiffy. I have wanted to make it at home but have been procrastinating it until a recent groceries shopping trip with Ben and he reminded me about it.



IMG_9430_edited-1The most crucial ingredient in making the Malaysian style fruit salad is the Sambal Rojak. The fruit salad dressing is made up of sugar, water, starch, soy bean, prawn extract, glucose syrup, tapioca thickener, sesame seed, garlic, chili powder, salt and caramel. The Sambal Rojak can be found in many groceries stores which carry South East Asian products.
IMG_9433_edited-1To add extra kick to it, I also added some belacan chili powder. You may substitute this with sambal oelek from Indonesia.
IMG_9434_edited-1The Thai chili adds extra spiciness to the salad.
IMG_9445_edited-1I also added some honey to sweeten and liquefy the salad dressing.
IMG_9438_edited-1The most common fruit used are pineapple, jicama and cucumber. I could not find jicama during that groceries shopping trip, so I substituted it with Asian pear and apple. Other popular ingredients include youtiou (fried dough) and tofu puff.

Click on the link below for the instructions.


IMG_9446_edited-1Mix the Sambal Rojak with some honey and belacan chili powder.
IMG_9448_edited-1Cut the fruit into bite size.
IMG_9452_edited-1Mix the fruit with the Sambal Rojak and serve immediately.

You may garnish the rojak with some finely chopped peanuts.

7 thoughts on “Fruit Rojak

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  4. Sometimes I sub “kicap sambal” for the sauce. It comes from Indonesia and avail. in Asian grocery stores. Also some toasted sesame seeds gives it a nice flavour!

  5. There’s another way of making a quick fruits rojak sambal ….

    My mom’s style was using :

    Sugar, Thick Soya Sauce, charcoal Roasted Belacan and smashed to powder and finely minced chili padi

    Just mix everything together and you get an instant fruit rojak sauce :D~~

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