KL Series: Taiwanese Meal in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

We had a 3 hour stop over in Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport. The first thing I did when we landed was to find something for Nanzaro to eat. There were not much choice for food except for two small food centres.

Anyway, I got Nanzaro a bowl of beef on rice. It looked very appetizing and I know that these is the kind of comfort food that he likes.


Nanzaro also likes Bubble Tea. He likes this over everything else in Vancouver. Did you know that Taiwan is the home of the original Bubble Tea? It has chewy tapioca balls in iced tea drink. It is served with a fat drinking straw to suck up the balls.


It was good to see him enjoying a good meal. He had not eaten much for almost 15 hours.


If I recall correctly, the above costs USD $5.00.

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  1. LotusRapper

    The beef on rice is a well-known Taiwanese favorite and can usually be found in Taiwanese restaurants or food court stalls here in town. And they ususally go for C$2-3 a bowl.

  2. Chubbypanda

    Poor little guy. He looks so sad and adorable. Sounds like he held up like a trooper.

    – Chubbypanda

  3. Lea

    Bubble tea has only just become available in my town via a small “asian fusion” restaurant that just opened. Really different! The straws are great! 😉 That pic is classic.. he is a total food multitasker!

  4. Ben

    Hi Lea: Really different? How do you like the bubble tea?

  5. hahna

    omg what a cute photo of your son!

    this is my first comment here. i know that this posting is so old, but im still commenting (its great you have not closed comments on these older posts).

    i am going to vancouver and richmond and i will be there in one week. lotusrapper directed me to your wonderful blog. i have read EVERY SINGLE POSTING under hongkong and taiwanese sections (if you track your visits, you will see i speak the truth — our web site visits are from illinois).

    your postings will help me make the most of our (unfortunately) short stay of only 3 days, 2 nights. we have 8 meals and i had gaps of 2-3 meals. thanks to your blog, the 2-3 meals will be among your recs from the hong kong and taiwan sections.

    thank you thank you so very much for making your postings. i KNOW how much hard work it is to photograph, write the content, edit and actually post the photos with the text in a blog. you have a wonderful blog here full of great memories and meals. also i must say, i LOVE your sense of humor! i am now a devoted follower of you and suannes adventures!

    i will write again to let you know what happens, where we ended up eating, etc. (i will also email this to you.)

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