KL Series: Kiew Brothers

After the Hainese Chicken Rice, Nanzaro and I went for a walk in Chinatown. Chinatown is better know as Petaling Street or Chee Cheong Gai in Cantonese. This place a must-go place for tourists. This is where you could get a Rolex for only $10.

The whole street is not closed to traffic and is lined with stalls. Every other stall sells counterfeit products — clothings, watches, DVD movies, perfume. It is also where some of the best chinese food are found.


We went to the Kiew Brothers shop to get some dried meat. Many swear that Kiew Brothers has the best dried meat in the country. In Cantonese, they are known as “woh lai yeh” which simply translates to “here I come”. I can’t figure why that name but if you say those words, everyone will know what you mean.

They BBQ the meats in front of the shop and has a big fan that blows the smoke out to the street. You can smell the aroma around the vicinity of the area.


In the shop, they have mounds of the dried meat all stacked up nicely. Things had changed so much in Malaysia. They do take the trouble to display them nicely. I remember in the old days, this place looked so dark and greasy. The meat were just strewn all over the tray.


We bought one kilogram of the pork dried meat. We had the choice of two types — sliced or minced. We opted for the minced ones because they are not as tough.


One of the better upgrades to Petaling Street is that the City Hall had installed a canopy. It is a good upgrade. The canopy is installed high enough that is not stuffy.


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  1. Kirk

    Hi Ben – Looks fabulous…a definite destination.

  2. Ben

    Hi Kirk: Never been to KL? Well, it’s a very affordable city to visit. Be prepared to gain a few pounds if you decide to make a visit there.

  3. Ker-Yng

    Hello, I chanced upon your blog while doing a search for fairy cakes. I read on and I’m excited to know you’re Malaysian. I landed in Mississauga with my family end May 2006 and we have yet to meet other Msians. Just want to say hi and your KL series made me miss Msian food so so much! Thanks.

  4. polly

    Hi Ben,

    Wow! Thanks for those photos. Petaling Street looks so nice with the canopy. Have u try the corner stall selling the “loh hon ko” drinks? always a long Q-up one? I miss it so much.

  5. pablopabla

    Too late to tell you this but you should have tried Wing Heong at Jln Imbi, KL (near Sungei Wang Plaza) for the dried meat. Far better than Kiew Bros. Kiew Bros is famous due to their extensive advertisement but many lovers of dried meat who have tried Wing Heong’s will testify that the latter is better.

  6. Tenz

    In the first picture where the boy is… about 50 meters behind the boy on the boy’s left is a little stall that sells Roast Duck called Sze Ngan Chai Roast Duck…. ( Four Eyes Lad Roast Duck)

    They serve an absolutely mean Roast Duck and there Ngap Keok Pau is not bad too although a tad too oily for my taste. That stall has been there for more than 20 years now…

  7. Ben

    Hi Ker-ying: How do you like life in Canada? I can’t believe you have not met any Malaysians after all these months. In Vancouver, there is a significant Malaysian community. Check out my mailing list by googling “van-immi”.

    Hi Polly: Oh yeah, I certainly did try the Loh Hon Ko. I did not manage to take pictures of that because I needed two hands to drink it from the bowl. I like that drink and actually drank one on site and had another one to go. Yummy!

    Hi Pablopabla: You know I did try Wing Heong and blogged about them about two months ago. Here is the link: http://chowtimes.com/2006/10/singaporemalaysia_trip_wing_he.html

    Hi Tenz: Next time I get to Petaling Street, I will certainly check it out. Never heard of the Sze Ngan Chai though … even though I was a MBS boy and hang around Petaling St a lot during my school days. Thanks for the tip.

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