KL Series: Sushi King in KLCC Suria

I brought Nanzaro to visit the Petronas Twin Towers. He wanted to go up the middle span which I had blogged on about two months ago. Unfortunately we did not get the chance to get up to the towers because the tickets for the day had all been issued. Too bad.


Nanzaro said that he wanted sushi. We went around looking for one and found a Sushi King outlet in the KLCC Suria food court. There are dozen of Sushi Kings all over Malaysia and is perhaps the most popular chain of sushi restaurant in the country.


Sushi King features what they call “revolving sushi” where customers sit around a revolving conveyor belt and pick the sushi of their choice from a revolving conveyor belt.


I did not want any sushi and so I just waited while Nanzaro eat. He picked the salmon nigiri sushi. He took two plates. I noticed that there are orangey stains in the plates from the salmon. I thought it was weird because salmon don’t leave stains. I think the restaurants colour them to make it look more vibrant. Yew …

Moreover, the salmon slices are so thin.


He also chose a maki … not sure what it is though.


Well, Nanzaro enjoyed it. That three plates costs about RM16 (CAD $5) which I thought was pretty expensive by Malaysian and Canadian standards.

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  1. Kirk

    Hi Ben – You’ve gone through quite a variety of food during your visit. And now Kaiten-zushi! Looks quite interesting.

  2. Ben

    Hi Kirk: You see, I learn something new today … the word kaiten sushi. Two more days to on the KL Series. Wait for my trip report to Atlanta. I had a feast every night!

  3. Chubbypanda

    Hey Ben,

    I love kaiten-zushi. I used to bug my dad to go all the time when I was Nanzaro’s age. You’re right though, that restaurant doesn’t look like a good bargain.

    – Chubbypanda

  4. kristin

    the boy looks kinda thai or vietnamese, what is his roots?

  5. Ben

    Hi Kristin: He’s what we call an overseas chinese.

  6. kristin

    ok, i got it. i think i am kind bad, but i kinda find the boy not very cute. just my opinion. he looks kinda not very chinese look, more like southeast asian pple.

  7. Karen

    That looks like jellyfish on the maki!


  8. Candy Spooner

    I noticed farmed raised salmon have colour added to them. Here in the US, it would be stated if colour had been added.

  9. Mitch

    yeah, i think that’s kurage-su maki.. kurage-su is vinegared sea jellyfish.. they serve vinegared sea jellyfish in chinese restaurants.. mostly as an appetizer [cold cuts] 🙂

  10. beezme

    I’m upset with the service I rceived during my recent visit to the latest Sushi King outlet in 1-Borneo Hypermall in Kota Kinabalu Sabah.Not only we have to wait 1 hour for our orders , the manager explanation on why the foods come out so slow / late is not making any sense as well . When I ask is the food hard to prepare and all the manager answer me are ” not hard to prepare but too many orders ” . Every kitchen/restaurant I believe should be well prepared with this kind of situation —> systematic in taking orders/making and complete ! Doesn’t mean that particular day is busy and suddenly the kitchen is all jammed up with so many orders and the foods come out slow.This is not the way to treat customer.If you said floor service is bad due to crowded restaurant,I accepted that but kitchen jammed due to too many orders,I don’t think so.If that is the manager explanation for me,sad to say your kitchen is not ready for this kind of situation then.One more thing,a particular floor staff behaviour is also acceptable.I’m looking for something that my nephew might have drop but she keep saying ” don’t have over there,if I said don’t have then don’t have la” in a very rude behaviour,she is not helping at all but some more asking me rudely not to look around again anymore..Honestly if I want to create a chaos scene I definitely can do that.I told her ” I’m your customer here and doesn’t mean when u said don’t have I will stop looking around again.I found it and I told one of the staff who said don’t have just now can ask her(defintely a female staff)to quit her job.This is my worst experience ever with a sushi king outlet.

  11. pixen

    I stopped the Membership and going to Sushi King 2 years ago when I discovered…

    1. They no longer serve Tuna (more than 3 years I think)
    2. Choice is lesser than before… each year
    3. Salmon of lesser quality
    4. Staff even mixed up Fresh Salmon into Red Plate which meant for Smoked Salmon which is more expensive
    5. Half to 3/4 Frozen of Salmon and Tuna (now no more serving tuna due to price cutdown I suspect) on top of your nigiri sushi

    In Penang, the floor service at most Sushi King outlets I had been to are friendly and the one at Gurney Plaza even trained foreign staffs from Middle East, Bangladesh/Pakistan which Sushi King may have opened some outlets there… 😛

    I know Tuna is expensive but if you want to eat fresh tuna in sushi and sashimi…Tuna is the best bet… cos you can’t farm-breed tuna unlike Salmon which you breed and even added color to salmon’s feed to get the desired color your client preferred. I’d seen the color chart before… it’s like Pantone Color strips 😀

    Don’t eat Tuna if you see streaky muscle lines (white/silver tendon lines) on the flesh… the flesh is not as tender from the soft part of the fish. Best if you eat Tuna in Sashimi… 🙂 If could go for Belly meat… the ‘toro’ OR Chu-toro – medium fat.

    Go for Sakae-Sushi…cheaper and better portion than Sushi King.

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