KL Series: Curry Fish Head in The Kayu

I met up with my close friends from the Boys Brigade days for dinner. I bet a lot of people have never heard of the Boys Brigade, or better known as the BB. The BB is the first uniformed boys organization in the world and is the precursor to the Boys Scouts. Baden Powell was a BB officer before he started the Scouts movement.

I met up with Sing Yuen, Kwai Nam, Lawrence, Peter and Wendy at the Kayu Restaurant in SS2. They asked what I wanted to eat and I suggest Curry Fish Head (or Fish Head Curry if you like). The Kayu Restaurant is famous for their Nasi Kandar which is a specialty dish from the city of Penang in Malaysia. They even had an outlet in Melbourne, Australia.

It was great meeting up with them again. We grew up together in the BB which were the centre of our lives during our teens and early adult days.

Back to food. The centre piece of today’s meal is the curry fish head. I had always loved curry fish head which I distinctly remember was introduced to me by my dad when he brought me to the place at the Stadium Merdeka. I am not sure if that place is still opened.

I think the fish is a Red Snapper. No body, just the head. You might think what is there to eat on the head. You know that this is the part where the best flesh is. Half the fun is taking the fish apart and finding that delicious piece of meat hidden underneath the head.


The ultimate part of the curry fish head is the eyeball! It looked gross. No one on our table took it but trust me, some people actually like this.


Here is where I am totally lost. I can’t recognize what the rest of stuff are. This one below looked like some meat like lamb or something. I could be wrong.


And what is this? Dunno. I just sprinkle this on the rice. Looked spicy, don’t you think?


Some red meat below. I would think this is beef but then perhaps not. I am not sure if they serve beef in Nasi Kandar. It does look like beef though.


This one looks like some fried chicken innards with caramelized onions.


Ditto … don’t know what this is. Can’t recall it!


Actually, I had a great time catching up with my best friends. The food tastes great although to many people they looked very unhealthy. Anyone can help me name the dishes above?

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  1. sally

    The one under the fish eyeball looks like congealed duck blood…

  2. Chubbypanda

    Why did the people look unhealthy?

    – Chubbypanda

  3. yuchankit

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  4. Ben

    Hi Sally: Does it look like congealed duck blood? Yucks, just thinking about it made me cringe. That’s not duck blood you saw there.

    Hi Chubbypanda: When I used the word “they”, I meant the food not the people! 🙂

    Hi Yuchankit: Gotta to honest and say that I’ll pass on the offer. Want to keep the links to food related. Not a fan of soccer or Arsenal … sorry!

  5. borzack

    Original nasi kandar? dun think so. If you want the real nasi kandar, you should go to Jelutong, in Penang. When i was little, the ‘kandar’ the nasi and the dishes from houses to houses!

  6. Ben

    Hi Borzack: It’s just the name of the restaurant. The name did not suggest that it’s the original Nasi Kandar restaurant but claims that it’s the original Nasi Kandar restaurant with the “Kayu” brand.

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