Atlanta Trip Report: United’s Snackbox

A few weeks back I had to make another trip to Atlanta on business. Having just came back from Malaysia just the week after, I really dreaded another change in time zone. Man, I had so many trips this year, I must admit that I am really sick and tired of all these travelling.

I flew United from Vancouver to Atlanta. I had flew the same airline on the same sector before and had blogged about the United Airlines Snackboxes here. Back then I had the one of their four snackboxes called the Mini Meal.

For a change, I ordered their Quick Pick Snack Box. All their snackboxes costs $5 cash. Snackboxes on United Airlines are available only for flights 3 hours or longer. There are four snackboxes to select from: Quick Pick, Mini Meal, Smart Pack and Right Bite. This blog is about the Quick Pick Snackbox.


The Quick Pick is plainly described as comfort food and had a really wide selection packed into the box. As I opened it, I know that Nanzaro and Arkensen would certainly love to have this box, so would Suanne — it does look that appealing. In the box there are … Tortilla Chips and Salsa, Cheese Snacks, Trail Mix …


… Smoked Dried Beef Chunks, and Cookies. I normally like cookies crunchy but the Chipper Gourmet Cookies is really something else. This chocolate chip cookie is soft, moist and fresh — very nice.

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Dine Out Vancouver 2007

Stop the Press!

The participating restaurant list for Dine Out Vancouver 2007 had just been released this morning. If you are interested in attending this event, you really need to be quick and make your reservations. The best restaurants gets fully booked up very fast. If you are a Vancouverite, you should it check out. The site had been running very slow since this morning … I think it’s caused by increased traffic.

A little about Dine Out Vancouver 2007. This is THE Food and Wine event in Vancouver and had been running for the past four years. It had been highly successful and gets bigger with more participating restaurants every year. For this year it is going to be held from January 19th to February 4th with 156 leading restaurants in Vancouver.

The restaurants were grouped by menu prices of $15, $25 or $35 (this amount does not include drinks and gratuity). This is your opportunity to try out the best of Vancouver restaurants for a fixed amount. Suanne and I attended one (at Horizons) last January and did blog on that experience here. I tell you, the food was marvelous and for $25 that we spent, it was worth every penny. You should plan to attend at least one.

We were looking for Lumiere (they are the one with the $150 per person set menu!) but apparently they are not participating this year. 😦 Any suggestion for Suanne and I? We had made bookings for A Kettle of Fish, Herons, Sequoia Grill, Le Gavroche, and Parkside. We have never been to these places before — if you have been there before, let us know what you think of them.