Atlanta Trip Report: Waffle House

I got tired of the buffet breakfast in my hotel. I asked the Atlanta project team for breakfast recommendations — preferably a place where Atlantans have their breakfast. Susan D recommended that we must try the Waffle House. I recall seeing their huge bright yellow signboard from my hotel.

Waffle House started their first restaurant 50 years ago in Atlanta, GA. Today they have grown to 1500 restaurants in 25 states. Too bad they have not have a presence yet in WA or OR, otherwise I would bring the family to try this. Anyway, they open 24 hrs a day and 365 days the whole year — yes, even on Christmas Day.

Frankly, Rob, Chix and Vince does not really care where they go for their breakfast. It was I who tried so hard to convince them to take that short drive to the Waffle House 1 block away. Anyway, driving into the carpark, we were rather hesitant going in because, hmmm … some of the customers look like roughnecks. Instead of turning around, we decided to just go in — I was glad we did.


The thing that really drew my attention was the many different type of sauces on each table.

IMG_0051_edited-1IMG_0052_edited-1 (more…)

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