Meme: 5 things Most People Don’t Know About Us

We got tagged by BuddingCook who we noticed is one of our regular readers. Here is five things about us that not many of our friends know about:

  1. Suanne had never learned cooked at all until she’s in her late thirties. It was always her mum and her maid who does the cooking. I recalled the first meal she did on her own — it was terrible. I lied and told her that it was OK. I guess I was a lousy liar. She was almost in tears! Hey, she turned out more than OK, didn’t she?
  2. Ben had a hole-in-one once and put away his clubs after that. It was witnessed by Suanne and the flight behind us. It felt good. Good thing it happened in a pitch-and-putt (!!) in Burnaby. It’s because I did not bring my credit card!
  3. Suanne loves Cantonese Opera and loves to sing along too. Her dad is quite a famous Cantonese Opera performer among the Chinese associations in Kuala Lumpur and almost always plays the part of the main actor. I remember I was forced to watch an opera when I was dating Suanne by her mum. It was the most agonizingly boring time of my young life!
  4. Ben is a Mensan. IQ is OK but has a terrible EQ. Ben wears his heart on his face — everyone can read him like a book. You will enjoy playing poker with him. Good thing that the EQ can be improved with practice.
  5. Suanne only learned to ride a bike in her late thirties. In fact, it was Nanzaro who taught her how to do it.

Here are the bloggers who we are tagging in return:

  1. Mmm-yoso: Kirk is a food blogger from San Diego. I never knew what mmm-yoso mean but enjoys his daily blog. Since he eats out so often, I am curious how much he weighs! 🙂
  2. Chubbypanda: From the Orange County. Don’t know his real name but he had been to Vancouver before. This is one person I would like to meet someday. A very good writer.
  3. My Korean Kitchen: Authentic Korean food blogger and in English too!! I think her name is Sue. Enjoys her blog a lot. Nice pictures and step-by-step recipes.
  4. Hochiak Delicious Asian Food: This blog is so amazing. A lawyer in Malaysia and a guy who cooks. What more, he blogs on his cooking everyday! His wife must be soooo lucky.
  5. Rice and Noodles: Mae has the most beautiful blog I have seen and also her pictures were so professionally done. I would love to know the equipment she uses for her shots.

I wanted to also tag RasaMalaysia, and Cumin and Coriander, but they had been meme’d earlier.

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  1. joeblogs

    I never got a hole in one. My handicap in golf, is, ME.

  2. iportion

    I burned my first couple of meals I made for my hubby. Before I got married I was only a hobby baker and what cooking I did do was for the gass stove. It took me a while to get used to an eletric.

  3. pablopabla

    Thanks for keeping me in mind! I got this meme earlier and was just about to get mine done and tag you guys in return but you guys caught me first! LOL!

  4. Kirk

    Hi Ben – How much I weigh??? LOL! Thanks for the tag….

  5. wen


    Thought you might want to know. There’s a new Malaysian restaurant in vancouver called Jonker St, in Yaletown area. 1128 Pacific Blvd (@ Cambie), between Liquor Store and Flight Center.

    It is the BEST. Try their Nasi Jamburi, Laksa, Satay, Roti Canai, sago Melaka, penang fried kuey teow…..

    Specials introduced every week. Today it was KL Hokkien Mee (the black kind!!) I hadn’t eaten that in years and it was DELICIOUS!!!

    The owner is from Malacca The rempeh are all freshly made … Need I say more??!!! They are closed on Sundays.

  6. Ben

    Thanks, Wen. I have noted that Jonker St place and will most definitely make a visit one of these days. Do you know the owners?

  7. Jessica

    Your blog is just great!! You are doing a great job by featuring all the bloggers who are tagging back in return.Cheers!!Jessica

  8. Chubbypanda

    So much great info. Thanks for tagging me. I had a lot of fun with this.

    My meme post.

    Cat and I will be in Vancouver later this year to visit her family after our wedding. Let’s meet up in Richmond!

  9. Mae

    Ow… thanks!!! I did this meme last year in my ‘old’ blog and the ‘old’ blog doesn’t exist anymore… so, i guess, i should do it again.

    There. You’ve twisted my arm. 🙂

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