Soo Jerky: Fruit Flavoured Pork Jerky

Mama Bok commented on our blog today asking about Bak Kwa. We happened to have a box of Vancouver’s Bak Kwa in our store room. It was actually Polly’s Christmas gift to us and we plain forgot about it. Anyway, Mama Bok, this blog entry is for you!

Soo Singapore Jerky is the most famous (and probably the only one) chinese Bak Kwa manufacturer in Vancouver. They have a factory just a few blocks away from our home in Richmond. They sell their product throughout Canada and some states in the US.


The one we have is a little odd flavoured one. It is called the Fruit Flavoured Pork Jerky. Polly told us that this is the moistest version of Soo Jerky.


I have not tried their other flavour but this one does not come close to those I am used to have in Malaysia. I had earlier blogged about the Malaysian style Bak Kwa here and here.

Although this is indeed moist, it is too much like the western type of jerkies. It is very tough and fibrous. The taste is not bad, really but the texture is not really great at all. I am pretty sure that Soo jerky also have the traditional south east asian style Bak Kwa.


Suanne had the recipe to make Bak Kwa but she had only planned to make it in the warmer months.

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  1. Mama Bok

    Thank you.. Ben and Suanne..! yer the best..!!

  2. Shmoo

    I’m sure you’ve found them by now, but Bee Kim Heng on Fraser has fresh, Singapore-style jerky hot off the grill. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ben

      Hi Shmoo: I had never been to Bee Kim Heng before even though I do drive past them many times. Thanks for the idea … am going go write about them too. Ben

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