Salmon Motoyaki

We had a few oyster shells left over, twelve in fact. I know that the all-you-can-eact sushi places reuses the shells from the oyster motoyaki to serve what they call the Seafood Motoyaki which is basically motoyaki with salmon. This is Suanne’s version of the Salmon Motoyaki.


The salmon are first diced into small enough chunks.


The basic ingredients are the same with what was used for the oyster motoyaki — Japanese Moyannaise, diced onions and some fresh ground pepper.


Suanne sauteed the diced onions for a change. This will bring up the sweetness of the onions and give the same consistent texture with the salmon.


She also sauteed the salmon to lightly cook them. This is because the grilling will not really cook the salmon enough.


The end result — a balanced mix of onions and salmon.


Place the salmon-onion mix into the oyster shell and season it with freshly ground pepper …


… squeeze mayo on it … pop it into a pre-heated oven and just broil for 2-3 minutes until the moya is browned.


I tried the one below with a slight twist by adding some parmesan cheese. It gives a better crisp on the top and a slight cheesy flavour. This one surely tastes much better than the “Seafood Motoyaki” that we had in restaurants.


You know, I think Suanne had good fun cooking this but I sure enjoyed eating the motoyaki’s. It’s a very easy thing to try at home if you can set your mind off the mound of mayonnaise used.

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  1. Mama Bok

    Cool stuff..! looks so yummy..!!

  2. pablopabla

    This is one great looking and definitely great tasting recipe! If only I can get my hands on the oyster shells 🙂

  3. Linda

    Awesome food!! Love coming back to this blog for more!!Linda

  4. BuddingCook

    yums! i love this stuff. i noticed the kewpie brand of mayo. 🙂 my mother in law buys that kind too from the japanese market! 😀

  5. TheChef

    I’m craving for motoyaki, any kind. Whether it’s a seafood motoyaki or the oyster motoyaki. I love them both. It’s 2:45am in Vancouver, Canada. I’m still up, craving for motoyaki.
    Later today, I will surely go to an asian store to buy these ingredients.

  6. Honheree

    Try scallop shells. They work just as well. We had a dinner party and made in casserole dish. It worked just as well and everyone loved it.

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