#9 Restaurant — Late Night Snack

Suanne and I were still hungry after the Air Supply Concert. It was quite late by the time we got back to the city of Richmond from Coquitlam. There are not many places opened at almost midnight. There is one place we know is opened 24 hours. It’s the #9 Restaurant on the No 3 Road.


On the cold winter night, we wanted some hot drinks. The #9 Restaurant is a Cantonese/Hongkong restaurant. So, we ordered the milk tea.


Although #9 is really a chinese restaurant, we opted for sandwiches. We ordered their No 9 Club House Sandwich. It was a huge serving — more than enough for the both of us. It is just $7.95.


Oh, I can’t remember what is on it but I think they have everything! They were piled so high that they needed a long toothpick to hold it together.


When you are hungry in the middle of the night, go to #9. Does anyone know any other places which are opened 24 hours in Richmond, Vancouver or Burnaby?

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  1. Mama Bok

    Wow..! the sandwiches looked really good.. 😉 i wished they would do sandwiches like this here.. 😉

  2. Erick

    That’s a definitely good deal for $7.95. However, the few times we’ve been there, the Chinese food was quite disappointing and seemed to have gotten worse over the years. Until told otherwise, we’d rather go to Kam Do Bakery instead.

  3. tigerfish

    I can’t seem to find such “cha chan teng” in NorCal! I love those milk tea and sandwichese.

  4. iportionn

    Wow that’s a big sandwich.
    My husband ordered a huge hamburger last night

  5. Erick


    Where in NorCal do you live? In San Fran, there are a lot of “cha chan teng” in the Sunset/Richmond area. However, they are not as good as our favorite one in Millbrae, called Broadway Bistro. Great pan fried noodle dishes and milk tea.

  6. SaabKen

    Wow that clubhouse sandwich looks absolutely delish ! And such great deal.

    I believe Knight & Day is open 24hrs.and there used to be one on #3 Road across from Yaohan Centre but has since closed. The nearest one would be on Kingsway near Metrotown, or the original location at Lougheed/Boundary.

    There’s always Denny’s which supposedly never closes, but not my kind of place.

    The Fresco Inn on Davie is also 24 hrs, I think there’s another location in Surrey on King George Hwy near Central City Mall.

    Generally Vancouver doesn’t have enough 24-hr restaurants.

  7. col

    of course there’s the usuals like Knight & Day and Denny’s, but unfortunately they’re not quality restaurants.

    i think The Naam in kitsilano is open 24 hours and i think Congee Noodle House on Main st is open quite late (2-3am?). plus, there are quite a few pho restaurants around the city that are open 24 hours.

  8. Ben

    Hi Saabken, Col:
    I did not know that Knight & Day and Denny’s opens 24hrs. That’s news to me. Congee House sounds familiar too … was it where a man was shot trying to prevent a robbery sometime back?

  9. Chubbypanda

    I’m jotting this place down for my next trip.

  10. DC

    Actually, Knight & Day isn’t 24 hours anymore! I couldn’t believe it myself, till I went there one night, and they were closed! I agree, there aren’t many choices for 24 hour restuarants. There’s that Pho place on Broadway. There’s also one on Kingsway, but it’s gross.

  11. col

    I’m surprised that Knight & Day isn’t 24 hours anymore. Which location did you try? I’ve been to the ones on Kingsway and Lougheed Hwy. But I s’pose it’s not a great loss considering the food isn’t stellar there.

    Ben: Yes, I think it may be the same place. Really great congee there.

  12. bulakz

    I havent tried to club sanwich there, we go there often,the time varies too, I think their busiest time is between 9pm – 1am…we went there one time close to 1am and had to wait a bit..Though I heard there was a robbery there early last year (??) when the robbers followed a chinese man who won an amount from Riverrock Casino..they took his earnings fr inside the restaurant and the valuables from the rest of the patrons…it was sad but things happen…

    We havent found anything that we didnt like in this restaurant…thought their beef and brocolli is a bit dry.their honeymoon friend rice is good..their congee – #5-preserved egg and pork…
    most servers have been there since we started going there years ago, seems like they live there as they are there everytime we go…Their service is fast, ,,this is a cash only but there is a small atm machine near the counter

  13. etranger

    We went here recently at 10:30 pm. The hospitality person at the hotel recommended it.

    We enjoyed the roast duck, ma po tofu, garlic green beans, and pot stickers. We got a family meal plus a few dishes and it was reasonable.

    Very crowded, with several huge groups. The server was friendly.

    No robberies!

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