Chicken Flavoured Pho Soup Base

We blogged about making Pho at home last year. I made a Beef flavored Pho last time. This time, I made the Chicken Flavored Pho for a change.


Similar with the Beef Flavored Pho, this seasoning will make 20 bowls of soup. This will last me for a few meals. I do not mind the volume as Arkensen and Nanzaro love Pho.

The ingredients are very simple. One or two chickens, one onion, two pieces of ginger and I also added a bunch of cilantro.


I used only one chicken because our family is small. I intend to freeze the remaining soup for other meals and I can add more chicken or use other ingredients like meatballs, fish cakes or artificial crab sticks which my kids love to eat with Pho noodles.

I normally cook the whole chicken in the pot as I find its too bulky. I normally cut the chicken in two halves which makes it easier to clean and I do not need a pot which is too deep to submerge the chicken in water.


The instruction is pretty simple. After cleaning the chicken and removed any excess fat, put the chicken, onion, ginger and cilantro into a big pot. Cover the chicken with cold water and bring to boil.


The seasoning contains two sachets of spices and seasonings. Do not break open the sachets.


When the water comes to boil, remove the scums before adding in the seasonings and spices.


Boil on medium heat for 20 minutes and remove the chicken, onion, ginger, cilantro and spices sachets from the soup. Add water to make up 2 gallons and bring it back to a boil and the soup is ready.


You may serve the chicken in pieces or shred the meat before serving. I serve the drumsticks in whole while I shred the breast meat. I also garnish the Pho with thinly sliced onions, fried garlic and more chopped cilantro (and Thai chili for Ben). The chicken is very flavorful and so does the soup. If you can find this in your local grocery store, I’ll recommend you try this.


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  1. Chubbypanda

    Sounds really interesting. I’ll give it a whirl. I usually make beef stock for my pho from scratch and freeze the massive batch.

  2. iportion

    Wow that’s a lot of soup
    :-)Looks good.

  3. MeltingWok

    wow, this reminds me of soto ayam, vietnamese style hehe, wow, love the broth..yummys !:)

  4. Franzannek

    Hi, can you please tell me where you bought the chicken soup mix? I also live in Richmond.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Suanne

    Hi Francis,

    We bought the Pho seasonings from Viet Thanh Meat BBQ Market, 726 Kingsway.

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