Fresh Slice Pizza Pasta in Lansdowne foodcourt

Polly recommended the Fresh Slice Pizza Pasta during our last cake meet at PICA. The Fresh Slice Pizza Pasta is a new stall in the Lansdowne Mall food court. Last week, we were shopping in the mall and I decided to check it out.


The Fresh Slice Pizza Pasta offers a manager special, a whole large pizza for $7.99. You can add two soft drinks to the manager’s special for only $1.00, On top of that, you can mix and match the slices according to your family’s preference. You know how hard it is to accommodate everyone’s taste.


This is a very good deal and if you happen to shop in the Lansdowne mall, I’ll recommend you check this out.

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  1. LotusRapper

    Isn’t FSP a chain providing $0.99 sustenance pizza ? I’ve had their pizzas and can honestly say they lack any flavour, texture (and ingredients) to count as “real” pizza. YMMV.

    As for cheap (but dang good) pizzas, there’s a place on Commercial Drive around Napier(?) that makes very very good pizzas with tons of toppings. If only I could remember their name.

  2. Franzannek

    I actually went to try it last Friday. Pizza is so-so but the disgusting part is the lady manager who was very rude to the customers. The guy in front of me left because of her barking at him. I also got a taste of her rudeness when I asked if I can get a couple of slices from the pizza that they just took out of the oven and was cutting. She then rudely told me I can only have the ones on the display. Well so much for cheap pizza. But is it worth it? I don’t think so. It tastes like cardboard.

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