London Series: Breakfast at McDonalds

After a couple of mornings of breakfasts at the Hotel’s Al Dente Cafe, I decided to take a 5 minutes walk down the street to the McDonalds for a change. I could not see any other food outlet or restaurants serving breakfasts than this Golden Arches outlet.


I had the very familiar Bacon & Egg McMuffin meal. Like the McMuffin at home, this included the sandwich, a coffee and a hash brown. It’s 2.40 GBP … definitely much cheaper than the 19.00 GBP for the breakfasts at the hotel.


I had the Latte. For a moment, I had to figure out how to break the opening — it’s different from the ones in Canada. The instructions said to “pinch and push” … huh? And how do I push it aside so that it does get in the way of my nose when I drink it. I didn’t figure this one out.


The McDonalds hash brown, well, is similar anywhere in the world. I know Arkensen and Nanzaro likes this a lot.


What is different with this Bacon and Egg McMuffin is the bacon. North American bacon is sliced thinner and in strips while the English version is thicker. I prefer the crispier North American version. The bun is the traditional English Muffin.

This is kind of confusing … The McMuffin originated from the US is made with English traditional muffin. The American Muffin is a cupcake and bears no resemblance to the English Muffin. Moreover, the English Muffin is more popularly eaten in North America than in England … go figure.


Anyway, you guys believe that subliminal advertising is widespread? I know that Nestle in Malaysia does that with their Milo product, Anyway, here is a youtube video I found on McDonalds’ subliminal advertising attempt.

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  1. RobynT

    haha! I think it’s funny that you went to McDs in London. I remember when I was there in high school we ate at Pizza Hut and Burger King and were not happy that it tasted different than those chains in the US!

  2. sam

    I think you might underestimate the popularity of muffins in the UK. It is probably not something a tourist would necessarily see, but they are standard in the home along with crumpets and Scotch pancakes and regular toast, as a breakfast item.

    Naturally they are not called English muffins in England, why would they need to be, when you are in England ythey are simply the plain old muffins they always have been. Those cakey things are sometimes called American muffins. Or at east they were when I lived there.

  3. Ben

    Oh wow Sam. It’s an honour to have you stop by my little blog. I appreciate the insight from a English food blogger on muffins. Well, you know better than I do for sure. BTW, did I read it correct that you said you’ll stop bloggin about food or was it an April Fool’s joke? If you are stopping just because of some articles written about food bloggers, it’s a crying shame. Don’t stop!

  4. tigerfish

    Heeheee…it’s interesting to know Mcdonalds all over the world are different in their BF menu too. In Sg, I love Mcdonalds Sausage Mcmuffin with Egg but the US version is lousy. So different!

  5. Noreena

    The instructionon the cap says “pinch and push” what you did is “pinch and pull”!

  6. Rukya, London

    I can’t stand McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King or any other American fast food chain – the food is absolutely disgusting! I go to Wimpy’s for decent fast food – it’s a lot more like a diner/restaurant. I don’t each much fast food nowadays anyway. We call the American cupcake-like muffins “muffins” too (without “American” tagged to it). What Sam had said is true; here in the UK, English muffins are a regular breakfast/teatime item at home – I prefer my muffins toasted whole so it remains soft when sliced into two then buttered.

    I’ve seen that YouTube clip too – aren’t subliminal messages in mass media illegal?

  7. sam

    it’s ok – i am not going to stop, I was using April 1st to have a larf wasn’t I?!

  8. Ben

    Hey Chris: I am sooo impressed with your smoker (is it what you call it?). I wish I had one like that at home. It’s such a man thing to own right? LOL!

    Hi Noreena: I did “pinched and push”. It’s just that after it is pushed aside, I did not know how to lock it down … know what I mean? 🙂

    Hi Sam: Awesome! You have one of the best food blog around. He he he … I like when you said you had all 40 yrs of experience with food. Hey I have more experience than you … ain’t that cool?


  9. Erick

    One thing I miss about London was their slab, thick bacon. Even my wife commented, “This bacon is goood!”

  10. zarell

    I love mcdonalds that why im so dame fat

  11. George

    when does breakfast start and end at mc donalds

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