London Series: A Night Out at the Theatres

Thursday … last day of training and what that means is the training is over and my real vacation starts! The class ended earlier than normal at 4pm and so, I decided that I’ll go to the city and catch a theater show.

I had planned to watch Les Miserable while I was in London. A few days prior, it was advertised on that it costs 29 GBP for the show PLUS a dinner at Planet Hollywood. I never got down to the place to book. By Thursday, the 29 GBP deal was no longer available.

So I went to Leicester Square to get the ticket. I thought that the best way to get a ticket would be to go to the the “tkts” booth. But when I got to Leicester Square, I saw a lot of places selling tickets too. Anyway, not knowing how all these work, I thought I better get it from the “official” source. The price for Les Miserable had increased to 40GBP … and without dinner too.

Not wanting to spend so much money for a show, I went for a show called Jump. That one costs only 19 GBP.


I was quite awed by the whole place. When Mama Mia came to Vancouver to perform about two or three years ago, Suanne and I caught that show. We enjoyed that show a lot and told ourselves we should catch these shows more often. Here, in and around Leicester Square there are 60 such show! The place was teeming with people and it is not even the weekend.


The show is at the Peacock Theater which was quite a walk from Leicester Square. I had a lot of time. Went looking for food and found a place called Caffe Amici.


The place is really busy. I guess there are some who are there waiting for the show to start. They basically serves coffee, sandwiches and pasta.


I had the Spaghetti Bolognese (minced meat, tomato and herbs). It’s “only” 5.50 GBP.


The show was awesome and so hilarious — I laughed till it hurts. It’s a Korean show without dialogue — just martial-arts stunt fighting and mimed comedy. The show centers on a Korean family. Kind of hard to explain it but I highly recommend this show.


After the show I went for a stroll along the south bank. It was a cool, crisp night and just perfect for some night photography.


I took quite a few shots, mostly for HDR processing. London is such a beautiful city at night.


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  1. Windy

    London at night – if I go there again I have to remind myself not to miss it!

  2. tigerfish

    I caught Mama Mia at Leicaster Sq many many time ago! Love love love it!

  3. Rukya, London

    You seemed to have done more things in London than I have done my entire life – and I’m a Londoner, born and bred… maybe I should get out more?

  4. Ben

    Hi Windy: If I knew how enjoyable Theatre shows are, I would have tried to book a show each night. I practically had nothing much to do at night anyway.

    Hi Tigerfish: Oh yeah, Suanne and I love Mama Mia too. It was a great sing-along show. *** applausing together with you ***

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