London Series: Roast Duck at Four Seasons, Bayswater

Before I left for this trip to London, I asked for recommendation from the readers of chowtimes. One of the comments left was from Eileen who recommended that I should try the roast duck from Four Seasons Restaurant in Bayswater. I replied that I didn’t think I would want to travel all the way to London to taste chinese food … well, I went anyway, no regrets whatsoever.

I had read a lot of reviews of Four Seasons — almost all of them commented about the long queues everyday and that they serves the best roast duck in London.

Finding Fours Seasons was much more easier than I thought. I took the tube to the Bayswater station, got out of the station and there it was … literally right in front of the station entrance.


I would have expected that there are a lot more Roast Ducks and other BBQ Meat on display. Perhaps it was because I was there at about 4pm way before the dinner crowd starts coming in. I read so much about the long queues that I played it safe to come this early.


This is the best condiments that I have seen in any BBQ Meat restaurant. It’s such a simple idea that I am surprised not many restaurant had thought of doing it. The moment I sat down, they came by with a pot of Chinese tea and the plate of three types of chillis.


I cannot recall this completely. I think this is not free soup and that I ordered this. It was great. Actually, I was pretty dehydrated because I had only a small bottle of drinking water the whole day. This was a really welcome bowl of soup.


I ordered a “portion” of the Cantonese Roast Duck. I must agree … this is simply one of the best roast ducks I had ever tasted. It has a a right amount of fat and the skin is perfectly crisped. Duck meat are generally tougher meat but this one is so tender and flavourful. To me, what sets this apart is the light sweet sauce. Tasty!

This duck reminds of of another thing about ducks in England — The Fat Duck. The Fat Duck is currently voted the #2 restaurant in the world after El Bulli in Spain. Their tasting menu costs a whopping 115 GBP. I had half a mind of going there but fortunately sanity prevailed. Anyone ever eaten at The Fat Duck? or at least let me know your thoughts about ducks in England.


The sweet sauce goes very well with steamed rice. I ordered a separate large bowl.


The total bill came up to just over 11 GBP. It is expensive for Vancouver’s standard. I think I can easily get this meal easily for half the price in Vancouver. They gave me two slices of oranges for dessert.

I see some tables ordering roast duck served on a plate of rice. I think it’s cheaper if one order it that way.


After the meal, I walked along the shopping street along Bayswater. It was a short busy street with a quite a few interesting shops.


It appears that there are a number of Chinese restaurants that looked exactly like Four Seasons. I found four other restaurants … all of the with large red and gold signboards and all of them displaying roast ducks in the front window.



New Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown.
12 Gerrard Street.
London W1D 5PR.
Telephone:0207 494 0870

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  1. tigerfish

    Yes, yess…this is the place I’ve had the tikka masala. I tried some roast duck somewhere but I forgot which one was it 🙁
    Think Royal China is here too? They have good lobster noodles..
    Am salivating while I even think of this place.

  2. Chubbypanda

    That’s pretty pricey for roast duck, but not in Europe. Eating out in general tends to be more expensive there. I think that’s why they cook so much more than we do here in North America.

  3. Ben

    Hi Tigerfish: Lobster noodles sound so good. Royal China, eh? Next time … I’ll check it out.

  4. Windy

    Yea, it’s so expensive to eat out in England. For me, 10 Pound for one person is the minimum price I would expect to pay. Like Chubbypanda said, I rarely eat out, maybe no more than 10 times per year!

  5. Ben

    Hey Windy: You only eat out 10 times a year? You know, Suanne insists that we eat out at least twice a week saying that weekends is her day away from the kitchen just like I have my day away from office!

  6. Windy

    Suanne is very lucky indeed! Hmm… I wish to live any other place than the UK so that I could go out to eat more offen… 😀

  7. peter tsui

    Please include new Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown.12 Gerrard street.
    London W1D 5PR.
    Telephone:0207 494 0870

  8. edmund

    four seasons is absolutely rubbish. to me, good food is one thing but bad service is unacceptable.

    i went into the restaurant and waited for 5 minutes. even though there were about 5 or 6 waiters who can evidently see me, they all IGNORED ME.

    i left.

    decide if you still want to eat at four seasons.

    1. Miguelle

      I went to both the four season in chinatown (12 Gerrard Street) and the one in bayswater. I would said that I enjoy the service of bayswater as compare to the one in chinatown.

      Did not really enjoy my meal at the one in chinatown because I had the feeling that the waiter there is rushing you through your meal. I have not even put my chopstick down and they sever me the dessert. Few minutes later, they give me the bill without me asking for it.

      So ya, I just pay up and left.

      Suggest that people who wanted to taste the rooster duck, go the one in bayswater.

  9. Miguelle

    One of the best rooster DUCK that I ever have!!!! Will definitely recommend to anyone who is going to london..

  10. widjojo

    can i have francise

  11. Allie

    Incidentally, one of the other restaurants you pictured, Gold Mine, was started by a former chef of Four Seasons – a lot of Four Seasons fans (myself included) moved to Gold Mine as the chef (who is of Malaysian background) took some of his signature dishes with him; their roast duck is on par, their crispy duck superior, and they do pretty good kangkong belacan and amazing crispy chilli and salt squid. Ah, memories 🙂

  12. melanie

    It was great to see your post. It brought back memories as I was there this past Jan 2014. The wait was long, it was packed and the food was great. The roast duck esp. I loved the Bayswater area. After dinner, we went to the pub across the street. They have great shopping and stayed at a nice clean hotel. Thanks for your post!

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