Paris Series: Quiche Breakfast and the Notre Dame

Just across the road from my hotel was a patisserie. Unlike in England, frankly, I really don’t know where to go for breakfast. I could have breakfast in the hotel but it costs 15 Euros — too expensive for me.

So, I just went across the street to get something from the patisserie. It was my first time and I can see what the fuss were about french bakery shop. The place smells so nice and there were so many types of bread alone that it’s bewildering.

I just got something familiar — Quiche, vegetable quiche.


I walked over to the Metro station to get a seat to eat before I head to my destination. That’s all I had for breakfast … quiche and chocolate milk. The quiche is much better than any I’ve ever tasted before. The warm pastry was so soft that it flops down. The quiche and choc milk costs 3.80 Euros.


This is a day I planned to visit the two most famous churches in Paris, the Notre Dame and the Sacre Coeur. The Notre Dame is located on a small island on the River Seine called the ?le de la Cit? (don’t ask me how to pronounce it). It is here where Paris was founded. Compared to London’s Thames, this river seem so idyllic whereas the Thames is so chaotic.


The word Notre Dame in French means Our Lady (Virgin Mary). This is also a functioning church. I can’t help but compare the Notre Dame to the Westminster Abbey. The sad thing about this church is that most of its historical treasures had been stripped away and destroyed particularly during the French Revolution.


Unlike some large cathedrals, the Notre Dame is brighter because of the large stained windows. The Notre Dame is one of the first buildings in the world that employs the use of flying buttress that enables load bearing walls to have windows instead of solid walls.


The flying buttress looked spectacular from the outside.


I spent sometime along the river Seine trying to take some shots. On an overcast day like this, everything looked so drab and dull. I heard that the best place to look for food is at the Latin Quarters just south of the River. I did not know how close it was … it was just down an alley and it opened up to rows of bistros and restaurants.


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  1. Deborah Dowd

    After a hectic day it is such a treat to escape to the streets of Paris and stop to say a prayer in Notre Dame vicariously through your blog! I am all about the quiche, and I am a chocolate milk addict!

  2. tigerfish

    Did you try any croque monsieur? I remember trying it near Notre Dame.

  3. Ed Lau

    If you happen to still be in Paris, would you let me know if the floating ball guy (which is the title image for my blog) and the bird man are still in front of Notre Dame?

    Great food blog, by the way…love the reviews, especially of places in Vancouver. 🙂

  4. Ben

    Hi Deborah: Thanks for stopping by. Want to exchange links?

    Hi Tigerfish: Hmmm … never heard of croque monsieur but I just wiki’d the words and come to think of it … oh yeah, I saw a lot of those stuff around. But nope, I did not try it. I should have!

    Hi Ed: When I was there, there were no floating ball guy or even any street performers. I think it’s perhaps the time of the year (i.e. early spring). I bet there will be more during the summer months. And … am glad you enjoy this blog.

  5. Chris

    Again, incredible pictures.

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