Amsterdam Series: Schiphol Airport

Well, it’s time to go home. I was becoming homesick and just can’t wait to get home. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time but I am missing terribly home cooked food, my own bed and the family. The last day in Amsterdam was just spent downloading my pictures, post process them and plan out the blog entries. Boy, that was a lot of work — I had thousands of pictures and sorting them out was no mean task.

I got to Schiphol about two hours before departure.


Schiphol is one of the best airports in the world having won numerous international awards. It is not only an airport but it is also has a major train station underground. On top of that, Schiphol also has a large shopping plaza with a supermarket.

Did you know that Schiphol actually lies on a lake? It was once a lake but over the years have been drained of the water (yup, major part of it was done using windmills).


Checking in was very fast. I was somewhat afraid they would charge me for excess weight for my luggage since my first leg of the way home was to London. British Airways are very particular about the luggage weight for flights intra Europe. They only allowed the excess baggage weight because I had an onward ticket to Vancouver.


I knew there would be meal on board, I just stopped by a kiosk for some snacks. There are a lot of choices in the airport.


I had Fries with gravy — very much like the Canadian poutine except that it does not have the cheese curds.


I got a Kroket too along with a bottle of chocolate milk.


With some time to kill before departure, I went up to the viewing platform. Not many airports these days have such an area where the public could see the planes taxi, takeoff and land. It was a sunny day … and a great day for photography.


This is not the last in the series … I’ll have one more tomorrow.

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  1. Klai

    Schiphol is my favorite airport in the whole world. Even if it isn’t home.
    Efficient and very clean.

  2. Klai

    That kroket is making my mouth water!
    I truly miss them.

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