Amsterdam Series: British Airways from Amsterdam to Vancouver

Hey all, hope you enjoyed my series on Europe as much as I had enjoyed blogging about it. This is my last on the series and will focus on the flight back home.

I took the British Airways flight from Amsterdam with a transit at London. I was really glad to be on my way home.


I like British Airways — definitely more than Air Canada which I took the last time I went to London. Oh yeah, I forgot to share about some weird thing about the Brits on flights — at least on the flights I was on. When the plane landed on Heathrow, people actually claps! I guess it’s something they do … so of saying the pilot did a great job or something … *shrugs*

What I like is having your own video display on your seat. That way I have a choice of movies I wanted to watch. Forget about the computer games … they were crappy.


So, bye bye London and Europe. I think I’ll be back again as long as I am in the same job. Although the hours were irregular, one of the perks of this job is that I get to travel.


My fav drink … tomato juice. One thing I notice … my Asian friends mostly does not like tomato juice. I can’t really figure out what it is. Asians will drink orange juice, watermelon juice, but not tomato juice. Just the other day in a friends gathering, I made Bloody Caesars for everyone and guess what, none of them were even half-finished.


The main meal … same old stuff. At a glance they look like a feast because the tray looked so busy.


The bread is terrible … you see, I am now comparing this to fresh French Baguettes. I broke off a piece, spread some butter, ate it and left the rest untouched. Really, they are cold, hard and dry.


I did not drink the wine they gave. I kept it to-go and thought I let Suanne try if she likes it.


The salad looked colourful and pretty. It’s good cold but definitely not so cold that you see condensation all over the bowl. I’ll score 1 out of 5.


Now, the curry rice is much much better. The rice is fragrant and the curry gravy was rich. I like it and finished it off.


Suanne loves Cheesecakes … so I kept this for her too.


There is only one bar of chocolate. I could have kept this for Nanzaro and Arkensen but no … they’ll only fight after that one piece. It’s a boy thing I think … they seem to need to assert themselves on one another these days.


Ain’t Canada beautiful? This is over the BC-Alberta border … somewhere around where Banff is. It is still spring and there are still a lot of snow in the mountains. I can’t help by thinking that with global warming, one day all these will be much different.


This is so familiar. I like window seats and have always made sure I get one. I have always enjoyed the view of Vancouver from the air. It is so beautiful … and the city looked so different from the sky.


So here I am … home in Beautiful British Columbia. The hardest part is always waiting to clear immigration, and wait for my luggage. It always took so long. Suanne and the boys were there waiting for me. If you have never been to Vancouver’s International Airport, I can tell you that it’s one of the most beautiful airport in the world. It is not a big bust airport but certainly very beautiful.


There you go … the end of my series. I had more than one month of blog. Again, I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoyed sharing it. I can’t help feeling that I am so fortunate to have a chance to travel to Europe largely on company’s expense.

So, for the next three to four weeks, it will be mostly Suanne who will be blogging … about recipes and other food related topics.

Thanks for the feedback and taking time to read … [getting off my soapbox]. 🙂

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  1. tigerfish

    Welcome back on this side of the world!

    I am dreaming day and night about Banff and how can you be so cruel to show me the scenic shot from the plane.:O

  2. matt

    you know, i really disliked air canada when i went to ireland too. they played the same movie both ways! ugh.

    british is the only airline i will fly internationally now. they were fantastic. 🙂

    thanks for all the info from your trip. i can’t wait to hop over there again.

  3. LotusRapper

    Welcome back Ben (even though you’ve been back for awhile obviously). Always nice to be able to share your experiences whether it’s traveling or food-related.

    I’m definitely going to Amsterdam !

  4. RobynT

    i find that most people in general don’t like tomato juice. of course, most of the people i know are asian… i am asian and i love it though. ever since i was a kid. my parents like it too.

    curry on the plane sounds good!!

  5. cocoa

    At last! (Clapping my hand) welcome back…I have to be honest that i don’t really finish every single blog for your trip series.. but i am amazed that you have everything documented and all the nice pictures you took.. I will make sure to finish all you blog again when I get the chance to go there one day in the future!

  6. Rachel

    Well done, Ben! You deserve a good rest after one over month blogging! Thanks.

  7. Rukya, London

    Finally! The long, strenuous journey is over. No, you don’t deserve a round of applause, but a standing ovation. I really enjoyed the Europe Series (especially the London Series) and the last few photos were breathtaking! What a way to finish it off! Go on… give yourself a pat on the back!

    Come back soon! 🙂

  8. Ben

    Hi TigerFish: Banff should be on everyone’s “places to see before I die”. Go soon before the glaciers are all gone.

    Hi Matt and LotusRapper: Glad to see you guys still hanging around this blog.

    Hi Cocoa: 7-up Pork? I’ve just passed your recipe to Suanne and prays that she makes it. That looked delicious on your site.

    Hi Rukya: I will definitely be back … just you wait!

    Hi Rachel: Thanks!!

  9. Erick

    Hey Ben,

    Thanks for the wonderful series in Europe. I’m heading that way this weekend. What are your tips for dealing with jet lag?


  10. Ben

    Hi Erick:
    Suanne used to pack for me some medication, melatonin, I think that’s what it’s called. It never ever worked for me! 🙂 One thing I do always remember … that you’ll take 1 day to adjust for every hour of time zone difference. I hope you enjoy your trip to Europe … and hope to see your pix too if you care to share.

  11. Windy

    At last, I have a chance to read all the posts about your European trip. Thanks for sharing all the lovely info that make me want to go to those cities again.

    I don’t really like tomato juice but I like Virgin Mary thou. Maybe because tomato juice is a bit plain and boring…

  12. Chubbypanda

    I love Vancouver International Airport. It’s the nicest one I’ve ever seen. I usually end up flying into Seattle and renting a car to drive up, though. Clearing customs is a lot faster that way, assuming the border crossing isn’t congested. The flight is shorter too.

    Maybe I should try flying into Vancouver International again.

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