Dried Bean Curd Egg Swirl Dessert Soup

Vanessa made two dishes in the South Arm Community Kitchen. She made spaghetti with meat sauce and Dried Bean Curd Egg Swirl Dessert Soup. I will not blog about the spaghetti recipe as I had blogged about it before. Her recipe is slightly different in that she used pork instead of meatballs and she added chopped celery in her sauce.

I love dessert soup. This Dried Bean Curd Egg Swirl Dessert Soup is so simple to make. I like the silky smooth texture of the bean curd and egg swirl.


All it needs is dried bean curd, egg and rock sugar. You can easily made this dessert soup any time provided you have the ingredients in your pantry. The good thing is the dried bean curd and rock sugar can be stored for a long time in your pantry and eggs are usual commodity in the fridge.


To make this dessert soup, just bring a pot of water to a boil. Add in the dried bean curd and stir until the bean curd kind of like dissolved.


Beat a few eggs (Vanessa used five because she made a big pot) and dropped the beaten eggs into the boiling water in a stream to form the egg swirl and keep stirring.


Sweetened the dessert soup with rock sugar to your preference. Just that simple. Vanessa, thank you for sharing the recipe.

10 thoughts on “Dried Bean Curd Egg Swirl Dessert Soup

  1. I love this soup, but I don’t know why the bean curd doesn’t “dissolve” it kind of just stays in big pieces. Please let me know if there’s some thing else I should be doing (the bean curd I used looked exactly the same as the one you have on your pic. Thanks!

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  3. This is a great recipe. It’s perfect for those broken bean curd sheets that you can’t use to wrap anything but don’t want to throw away. I love it.

  4. Welcome back! I mean thanks for taking us on a virtual tour to Europe, but it’s your recipes and home-cooked food I miss most…oh, I love dried bean curd sheets…in fact, I just made some fried shrimp patties wrapped with the sheets. 🙂

  5. Welcome back Suanne! (And also welcome back from Europe Ben!) That is what I love about Chow Times, is that there is a blend of two different personalities, and we as the readers get to experience both! Thanks for sharing about your amazing trip to Europe Ben! Suanne, I can’t wait to read more about the delicious recipes that you’ve been cooking at home! No matter where he is in the world, Ben misses your home-cooking! 🙂

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